Fitness Update: Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon


Yesterday was the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon. We had a lot of rain the night before, and the night before that. We almost wondered if it might be canceled. But it wasn’t. The day dawned cool and damp.

They modified the route. The bicycles went backwards upon their course, and the running was at the foot of the dam instead of across the top of it.

Here is a video compilation of my time on the course:

It seems like I did close to my times from last year, but last we was slightly better, overall, than this year, though which segments were better altered from year to year. See the stats below:

2016 2017
Swim 12:21 12:12
Transition 2 4:22 3:39
Bike 34:10 38:08
Transition 2 2:46 3:12
Run 28:10 29:32
Total 1:21:46 1:23:40

Those numbers are from the company that supported the timer chips that were used. We won’t know the KCCC stats for places and divisions until later this week when they go up on the KCCC website.

Other stats I was able to get from the chip website was that I was 20 out of 39 swimmers for my age group, passing 11 swimmers and being passed by 4. I did notice that I swam the breast stroke, and yet was gaining on or passing several swimmers. The hard part of the swim was having them not see me and keep on pushing me sideways or bat at me while I tried to get a clear path along the course and to the goal.

It also said I was 28 out of 39 bikers for my age group, passing 12 bikers and getting passed by 9. I seemed to pass a lot more bikers than that, but many of them were from the younger age brackets that started in the heats ahead of me. My age bracket was the final heat that started.

It also said I was 27 out of 39 runners for my age group, passing 8 runners and being passed by 3. Here was were I felt the best. On the last leg of the course, I would find myself being passed by a 50-something, then pass a 20-something, a 30-something, a 40-something, a 50-something, then get passed by another 50-something. My age bracket seemed to do a good job of passing people from younger age brackets.

When the KCCC stats get put up, I will add an update for how I did based on the KCCC divisions.





Fitness Update: Triathlon


Last week was the start of intense heat in our area. Monday’s run — 8 miles — was done early morning at 70 degrees with a 92 percent humidity. It was good practice for the hot temperatures for yesterday’s “Father’s Day” triathlon for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. But I’ll get to that in just a moment.

Including the Triathlon, I have 42 5K or greater runs, have swum 33,150 yards at the lap pool and 6,300 yards elsewhere, plus have completed 1,500 miles on the bicycle.

Which leads up to the Triathlon. Which I will tell in video format below:

Vacationing at the Pool, and other places


Today is the first day of my vacation. I’ll be off work until a week from Monday. And during that time I’ll spend more time with a greater variety of my coworkers that I usually do during a regular week.

Why is that? Because Sunday I will be competing in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon with them, and Monday-Thursday I will be competing (coordinating actually) with them in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Swim Meet.

So from Monday-Thursday starting at 5 p.m. and going until 9 p.m. some nights, as late as Midnight possibly others, I will be at the Gladstone Aquatic center getting people into the right lane at the right time, and cheering them on as they swim 50 yards (200 yards on Monday) in their various events. Then I’ll count up the points they earned, and make daily reports to the internal company distribution list.

Sunday morning I’ll celebrate Father’s Day by running the triathlon, which starts lakeside at Shawnee Mission Park.

Apart from that I get to relax. Painting a wall of the dining room. Weeding the  flower beds. Trimming the hedges. Digging the silt out of the drainage ditch. A regular, relaxing staycation.

If I have spare time from that I should be reading the nominees for the Hugo Awards so I can make an educated vote before the polls close

Where in there would I have time to go to work?

Father’s Day: Triathlon Ho!


The coming weekend in review is going to be the coming week in review, all focused on the Kansas City Corporate Challenge.

Sunday morning is the Triathlon/Duathlon at Shawnee Mission Park. This will be my second time. Should have been my third time, but 2014 got canceled for thunder storms.

The triathlon is 500 Meter swim, 9 miles bike, and 3.1 mile run. Below is the video I made of last year’s competition:

After that, from Monday-Thursday, is the corporate challenge swim meet. I’ll be out at the pool every evening coordinating the meet for my company. Right now we have 29 people swimming in over 50 separate events from my company. Multiply that by all the competing companies.

There will be the 200  yard freestyle, the 50 breaststroke, 100 IM, 50 backstroke, 50 butterfly, 50 freestyle, and then the medley and freestyle relays.


Fitness Update: The Triathlon workout day


When I posted last Monday about my fitness goals, I was still trying to get my Misfit Shine to work. Good news is: I got it to sync. So-so news is that the tech support was so-so. They kept reading from their script instead of listening to what I said. Sure, I did what they said and it worked, but I’d done it about a dozen times before and decided to give it one more try when it did work.

And they sent me the same link/instructions about installing the battery that I told them I had tried to follow unsuccessfully, and said it would work if I followed the instructions.

So I’m using the Shine and syncing and reading my results. The jury is still out on how it works for the swimming, since I haven’t had a chance to swim when I could sync the results after to see if it counted the laps.  So far I haven’t gotten detailed results like that.

But now to get to the topic of the subject line.  Last Thursday I got up early and biked to the community center to do my 1,000 yards of swimming then biked into work. At work I took part in a “Fitness Boot Camp” intensity interval weight class. Then I biked home. After I got home I ran a 5K. So all in one day I did all the parts of a triathlon: Swim, Bike and Run.

It was quite an intense day. Unlike a triathlon there was space between the segments, but the accumulation showed on the running of the 5K. And the temperature was a balmy 60 degrees to run the 5K.

I’m still getting use to the Misfit.  It told me I ran 4.7 miles on the 5K. Makes me wonder if I was taking too small steps while running — since it counts steps to  figure distance.

Non-triathlon experience


Well, I spent a lot of time (sort of) getting ready for this morning’s triathlon that didn’t happen.

When I was first asked, I didn’t even have an operational bicycle, though I had just ordered one through River Market Cyclery. It was two weeks before and I finally had a bicycle.  But that turned out to be the small obstacle.  within a couple of days I was easily up to 9 miles, climbing up and down my usual steep hills between work and home.

The swimming, that was a question of endurance — and I practiced in the community center pool without pushing off, swimming twice the distance required with ease.  The only question there was how it would be in open water instead of a pool. But I didn’t expect any issues there.

Then let’s think about the running. basically a 5K. I just did one of those in May. So the ability to run was there.

But how to put them all together.

We looked for bicycle racks to get the bicycle to the triathlon site, and finally settled on using our utility trailer.

They have an orientation for the triathlon participants the day before. So I went to that Saturday, and got all the logistics down.  I learned where to rack the bike, how they would line up the swimming, where to go and how to transition between the various sections.

My packet included the tri-tats that are numbers you put on your body and equipment. So last night I went ahead and put the tats on my biceps and back of my calf, along with the bib number on my shirt, numbers on the bicycle.

And then woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and called the rainout number. at 4:45 a.m. they had called due to weather.  It took until 5:08 for Facebook to update with the announcement.

So after a night of little sleep, as my body anticipated the competition, I unpacked the bicycle from the trailer, unhooked the trailer from the car, and went back to sleep and slept soundly until I almost overslept for church.