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Boxing Day — stocking up for next Christmas


Well, the above picture shows my main haul from Santa, and my main present from Christmas.

In the center is “The Organists’ Manual” — a gift from my mother and sister I asked for, so I can start formal organ practicing instead of the pickup I have done over the years.

But the rest of the picture is what “Santa” brought in the stocking, as he does each year. We get a lot of Holiday Candy around here — both in the stockings, and as free-for-all bags.

So today we will go to Walgreens and purchase candy for next year.  We purchase whatever is left over, at 50% off, and then store it, cool and safely wrapped, until next year, where it become our treat for the next month or so. We do this for each holiday. Too bad there aren’t any candy holidays during the summer 😉

Saving 50% means we could spend half as much — but instead we buy twice as much.