Talk about a misleading headline….

Talk about a misleading headline….

A friend and former coworker of mine recently has been pasting and posting a lot of pro gun-control links and posts on her Facebook page.  I have remained very quiet and not responded to any of them.  But when she posted this link, I was so shocked, and not in the way I was “supposed” to be, that I just had to put down some comments on her Facebook page.  Here is what I wrote:

What I came away with was:

1) They never addressed the primary point of the ad: that the rich buy gun protection for themselves and deny them to the less wealthy.
2) They basically made the decision to call this particular point “off-limits” by using inflammatory language, describing it as “pornography” a straw man argument technique. An attempt to us social pressure to curtail other people’s free speech instead of dialoguing with them
3) I’m not sure I can identify a single genuine conservative here — in an article claiming to be stunning “conservative” pundits. These all seem to be pseudo-cons, or, to coin a new phrase, CINO — Conservatives in Name Only (to use an allusion to the RINO — Republicans in Name Only acronym). My wife says they might be what the liberals would call “reasonable conservatives,” the only conservatives they think should be allowed a voice.
4) They have declared themselves done, made themselves judge and jury to decide what is appropriate for people to believe — a very “liberal” sentiment.

Note in my comment above my Facebook comment, that I said I was not shocked in the way I was “supposed” to be shocked. The commentary from these falsely conservative pundits makes it obvious that they are expecting everyone to have the same reaction — to share theirs.  I get an obvious subtext, the feeling from them, that if I don’t, I am the same sort of extremist pariah that they are making out the NRA to be.

I’m still reeling emotionally from the body blow of their summary judgmental intolerance parading as reasonableness. I would really like to have a genuine, rational discussion with them about the primary point, but I don’t think they would ever allow me. And that makes me really sad. Or, to use their words, “terrified” for our country.