A Look Ahead …


This week’s look ahead has four items, including glance ahead teasers …


AUMC — Vacation Bible School


Avondale United Methodist Church Invites Families to Rome: Paul and the Underground Church

[Kansas City, MO] A summer family event called Rome: Paul and the Underground Church will be hosted at Avondale United Methodist Church. Families step back in time at Rome, exploring the life of the apostle Paul and the underground church. Kids and adults participate in a memorable Bible-times marketplace, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig in to Roman eats, visit Paul while he’s under house arrest, and collect Bible Memory Makers to remind them of God’s Word. Each day concludes at Extollo—a time of upbeat worship that gets everyone involved.

Kids and adults at Rome will join The Missouri United Methodist Conference in the “Water for Haiti” project—a project that provides water filters to families in Haiti. With this service opportunity, families’ donations will change the lives of other families across the globe by helping provide them with safe drinking water.

Rome will begin on Friday, June 23, with supper at 6:00 p.m. and conclude at 8:30.  Saturday, June 24, 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.  Sunday, June 25, 9:30-Noon. For more information, call 816-452-3518.

Please register both adults and children using forms located in the foyer or by calling the church office.  We encourage parents and grandparents to accompany children as we learn about Paul’s Rome.  All church members of any age are welcome to attend with or without children!

Worlds of Fun

The big events coming up all relate to a week from now, with Celebrate America on the July 4th weekend, and Family Reunion Days and a Military Day all packed into the July 4th celebrations.

KCCC Tug of War

This week, the final week of the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, has been the swim meet, the penultimate competition,  since Monday night.  Tonight is the final event: freestyle — both 50 individual and 200 relay.

Saturday is the ultimate event — the tug-of-war.  I might even be doing it again  for my company this year, for the second time.  We are still trying to put together our team. Event itself starts 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the Longview Lake Swim Beach.

Teaser — Liberty Con

And finally the real look ahead teaser.  More to come next week:

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Fitness Update: Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon


Yesterday was the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon. We had a lot of rain the night before, and the night before that. We almost wondered if it might be canceled. But it wasn’t. The day dawned cool and damp.

They modified the route. The bicycles went backwards upon their course, and the running was at the foot of the dam instead of across the top of it.

Here is a video compilation of my time on the course:

It seems like I did close to my times from last year, but last we was slightly better, overall, than this year, though which segments were better altered from year to year. See the stats below:

2016 2017
Swim 12:21 12:12
Transition 2 4:22 3:39
Bike 34:10 38:08
Transition 2 2:46 3:12
Run 28:10 29:32
Total 1:21:46 1:23:40

Those numbers are from the company that supported the timer chips that were used. We won’t know the KCCC stats for places and divisions until later this week when they go up on the KCCC website.

Other stats I was able to get from the chip website was that I was 20 out of 39 swimmers for my age group, passing 11 swimmers and being passed by 4. I did notice that I swam the breast stroke, and yet was gaining on or passing several swimmers. The hard part of the swim was having them not see me and keep on pushing me sideways or bat at me while I tried to get a clear path along the course and to the goal.

It also said I was 28 out of 39 bikers for my age group, passing 12 bikers and getting passed by 9. I seemed to pass a lot more bikers than that, but many of them were from the younger age brackets that started in the heats ahead of me. My age bracket was the final heat that started.

It also said I was 27 out of 39 runners for my age group, passing 8 runners and being passed by 3. Here was were I felt the best. On the last leg of the course, I would find myself being passed by a 50-something, then pass a 20-something, a 30-something, a 40-something, a 50-something, then get passed by another 50-something. My age bracket seemed to do a good job of passing people from younger age brackets.

When the KCCC stats get put up, I will add an update for how I did based on the KCCC divisions.




Fitness Update: Track Meet


Today’s update on fitness is about the KCCC track meet. That’s most of what I did last week fitness-wise.

I was scheduled for one night, the mile run on Tuesday. By the time the event attrition got done, I had run the 400 on Monday and the 100 on Wednesday as well.

The track meet last week, like the swim meet next week, is a lot of sitting around for a short burst of competition.

My placing for the events was generally middle of the pack, but earned points for the team within our division.

Monday was the 400. I placed 27th out of 47 runners with a time of 1:23.48 — which was second in division with 8 division points

Tuesday was the mile. I placed 28th out of 44 runners with a time of 7:19.30 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

Wednesday was the 100. I placed 40th out of 55 runners with a time of 0:16.882 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

The interesting thing was the question of speed. Since I have been running all longer distances, it was hard to know a pace for the 400, and a danger, after running the 400, to run too fast the next night for the mile. No way, of course, to run to fast for the 100.

For the 400 I ran a pace of about 9.9 mph, by my rough calculations. For the mile my speed was 8.18 mph. The 100 I had a speed of 12.46 mph. Those are significantly different speeds. Choosing the wrong speed for the wrong event can have a dire influence on your outcome. But considering that my faster speeds recently had been 7.4 mph for a 5k, that was much faster than I had been running other events.


Races leading to the weekend


This week’s wrap includes an event that is occurring this evening, and actually started last night. The Kansas City Corporate Challenge bicycle race began last night, and finishes up today. I’m slated to race tonight sometime after 5:30 p.m.

I almost didn’t race, with my bicycle breaking down on Tuesday — and that after I had it into the shop twice in the last month for a tune-up.

The race is at the Kansas City Speedway, and is a time event. Each rider starts finish. I’ll probably be one of the competitors people are trying to pass and they do their two laps around the track.

The weekend is another festival at Worlds of Fun: the World Food & Wine Festival, Friday-Sunday the next two weekends. Just like the BBQ and Brew festival a month ago, this will be an elegant pairing of Wine and Food. With Master Chef Kevin in charge, the food is sure to be superb.




Here’s three connected shots of me running in the 5K today.  Don’t know my official time yet until the website updates. But yo u can see the sea of people that run in the KCCC. I’m there near the beginning of the first two clips (right after the start, and coming of the first corner), but the last clip there’s a lot of people running before you finally see me pass by on the home stretch toward the finish line. Can you spot me greeting the cameraman as I go by each of the three times?