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Caroling Caroling

Well, Friday night I spent caroling with Carolers of Note at the Overland Park Arboretum Luminary Walk.  We sang for an hour at the Main Tent venue.

They had a bumper crowd of people. Something over 7,000 people came to walk the trails. The police eventually had to start motioning people away as people kept arriving near closing.

When the video finishes processing and uploading, there will be a sample of our music right below here:

I will be singing there again tonight, this time from 6-7 p.m. at the Hayride Tent Venue, and from 8-9 p.m. at the Legacy Walk Tent venue. Feel free to come out and hear us sing, enjoy the walk, the lights, the cider, wagon ride, gnome village, and much much more. The weather should be nice again tonight, just a touch cooler than it was last night, but still far from cold.

Just give yourself a little time to get in and parked, and plan to make it a leisurely walk; no rushing with the crowds, and you enjoy the ambiance much better at a relaxed pace.

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Carolers of Note on the Santa Claus Express

Thursday night was the opening run of the Santa Claus Express run by the Midland Railway Historical Association.

Among the many entertainments on the Thursday night runs this season is Christmas Caroling by Carolers of Note.

The train has a two and a half hour run up and down the tracks, and each of the cars gets to experience the carolers, along with other seasonal entertainments and refreshments.

Today’s post includes pictures and a couple of video clips from the night’s maiden run.


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A Look Ahead …

Today’s look ahead is going to see some things this weekend, and some much further out:

Worlds of Fun: Halloween Haunt (last weekend)

The weather looks to be rather brisk in the Kansas City area this weekend, the last one for Halloween Haunt:Fullscreen capture 10262017 53258 PM.bmp

So get out and get your haunt fix, if you want, but dress warmly enough.

It looks like the weather will also be cold, and possibly wet, for Halloween.



Trunk or Treat

Image may contain: text

Avondale United Methodist Church is sponsoring its annual Trunk or Treat from 4-5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 29 in the church parking lot, 3101 NE Winn Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64117




Worlds of Fun is extending its season with a new event this year: Winterfest

Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor

Begin a new family tradition with WinterFest, a brand new holiday experience at Worlds of Fun. Holiday cheer will surround you with millions of spectacular holiday lights and festive décor, world-class live entertainment, mouth-watering treats, and heart-warming experiences.

November 24 – December 30

Songflower and the William Baker  Festival Singers

Songflower is sharing the stage with William Baker Festival Singers for our first concert of the season. We are doing some great pieces! Come have a listen…


Fri 7:30 PM · Queen of the Holy Rosary · Overland Park, KS
Tickets Available · 24 people

Starlight 2018 Broadway Series

Fullscreen capture 10262017 63311 PM.bmp

Now is the time to become a season ticket holder for the Broadway 2018 season at Starlight Theatre. As I mentioned in this post, my satisfaction with Starlight during our 21 seasons of season ticket holders has declined dramatically the past few years. But after writing that post, I got a call from a Jacques (?) in their HR department to discuss my concerns. Though only there for 2 months, her primary assignment is responding to all the feedback that they haven’t been able to properly process in the past few years.

So we had part of our concern validated: they weren’t listening to the feedback because they didn’t have the staff available and allocated to do so. But they are also taking care of it. So we are tentatively considering renewing. We could make a potentially satisfying season. Follow this link to see the full season offered. Then compare it to the shows we think would be worth seeing:

On Your FeetKing and I

CinderellaThe Illusionists


Carolers of Note

Finally, keep track of the city’s premiere Christmas Caroling group, available to hire for your special event, and appearing in several venues this season:


For more information contact: Carolers of Note, 913-961-9643; or follow this link.

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Santa’s arrival at Bass Pro opens the Christmas season


The Christmas season began, officially for me, today, with Santa’s arrival at Bass Pro.


This year, as for the past several, I helped to welcome Santa as a member of Carolers of Note, the premiere professional caroling group in Kansas City. We sang carols for those waiting for Santa from 4-5 p.m. — taking requests when people asked.


In past years the store had set up a stage outside the front doors for Santa’s arrival, with tables nearby for cookies and hot chocolate they offered people. This year, with the cold weather today, they set up the tables for cookies and hot chocolate inside the front lobby, and had a booth that people lined up at to get their tickets for having their pictures taken with Santa. Rudolph and Frosty were also there to amuse the waiting crowd.


A bit after 5 p.m. the announcement was made — Santa was on his way.  Many people went outside to watch Santa arrive on the Bass Boat. We carolers waited inside to sing Santa into the store: Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Up on the Housetop.


Santa entered the store, they spoke for a moment, then all of wended our way down to the store’s giant Christmas tree. They had a tree lighting countdown — we sang Santa Claus in Coming to Town, and then we continued the walk over to Santa’s Workshop.


At the Workshop there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the shop, and then people lined up for their pictures with Santa. Carolers of Note spent the rest of our time there strolling up and down the line of people waiting for Santa pictures singing their favorite requests.


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A Month of Carols: Caroling Caroling

Caroling, Caroling 

by Alfred Burt

Caroling, caroling, now we go; Christmas bells are ringing! 

Caroling, caroling through the snow; Christmas bells are ringing!

Joyous voices sweet and clear, sing the sad of heart to cheer.

Ding, dong, ding, dong, Christmas bells are ringing!

Caroling caroling, through the town; Christmas bells are ringing!

Caroling, caroling, up and down; Christmas bells are ringing!

Mark ye well the song we sing, Gladsome tidings now we bring.

Ding, dong, ding, dong, Christmas bells are ringing!

Caroling, caroling, near and far; Christmas bells are ringing!

Following, following yonder star; Christmas bells are ringing!

Sing we all this happy morn. “Lo, the King of Heaven is born!”

Ding, dong, ding, dong, Christmas bells are ringing!

We will see how far I get in the busy month of December, but for now I am starting a blog series featuring some of the Christmas Carols I sing every year.

I belong to a music ensemble partnership called Carolers of Note that is hired to sing Christmas Carols at stores, malls, private parties, offices, etc., during the Christmas Season. As such, I have learned a lot of songs, some very familiar, others less so. Over time, some of the songs have come to be special to me for one reason or another, so I thought I would feature some of them here.

I chose to start with “Caroling, Caroling” by Alfred Burt, one of three Alfred Burt carols that we perform.

Alfred Shaddick Burt (April 22, 1920 – February 7, 1954) was an American jazz musician who is best known for composing the music for fifteen Christmas carols between 1942 and 1954. Only one of the carols was performed in public outside his immediate family circle during his lifetime.

Burt’s father, an Episcopal minister, started a tradition in 1922 — the  creation of a Christmas card, which he sent to family members and parishioners. On these cards were original Christmas carols, with both the words and music by the Reverend Burt. For the family Christmas card in 1942, Bates asked his son Alfred to write the music for that year’s carol, “Christmas Cometh Caroling.” From then on, Alfred would write the music for the family’s Christmas cards, and the “Alfred Burt carols” were born. (notes on Burt’s life taken from Wikipedia)

I like this song because it talks about common holiday things, singing, bells, cheering the sad, but it also delves deeper, mentioning why all these things have meaning, why we can cheer the sad. “sing we all this happy morn, ‘Lo, the King of heaven is born,'”

It was also written to be sung a capella, which scores it several more points in my favorites book.

So take a moment to listen to Caroling Caroling, as we start a month of Christmas Carols.