Fitness Update: Rest


Another short fitness blog. Last week was a week of rest: my sleep tracker indicates my average sleep was longer than it has been in months.

But this week I get an assessment and a 6-week plan to help meet my next goals — whatever those are.

So hopefully next week I will have a workout plan.


The Age of Words


It was almost a year ago that I put a note into my possible post topics file about this. Still not sure I have enough to say, coherently, for a significant length post, but I’ll cobble what I do have.

My original note was to post about “people not letting me read their shirts”.

Since that time, especially in the past month or so, I have been observing how many of the shirts that people wear for leisure have something written on them. A lot of it is advertising a brand, or an event, or a social group. Some of it is social commentary, or in-your-face statements about the other person, you and life.

But all of this really emphasizes that we are a very literate-focused culture. I’m not saying that any of this is really literary — good grammar, precise prose, poetic diction and skilled use of metaphor — but everyone can read in one form or another, to use the tech of our day.

Words are every where. Sure, artwork is wrapped within it, but the written word, in the social media and graphic arts, has taken our culture over. The number of shirts, to get back to my original musing, that don’t have something written on them, is much smaller than those that do.

One would think that all these words meant something to the people that put them on, that since they are advertising or proclaiming social commentary, that they would want people to be able to read what is written. Yet my experience is that most people don’t pay attention to how their words are displayed, or ever give thought to whether anyone else can read what is said.

Most of the time people tend to occlude at least part of what is there, so someone like me, who is captive to reading everything he sees, has to make guesses about what is said, or seem to gawk and be impolite to read the statements, invade someone else’s personal space to do so.

If everyone would be considerate, says the totally impractical side of me, they would make sure I can read their shirts whenever they go by, or I go by.

So, what do the rest of you think? Are you a slave to reading everything you see? How do people’s shirts and clothing slogans affect or attract your attention?

A Blast of the Past #114: Mark Twain


If you grow up in the Southern Tier of New York, especially anywhere near Elmira, you you the importance of Elmira to the life of Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain. Back during Twains Sequicentennial in 1985, in fact, Hannibal, MO had a real imbroglio, while Elmira put on a celebration that far outshone the one further west to become the premier celebration.

Our visit back, of course, was in 2009, but we had to give the kids a look at the Eastern history of Mark Twain.

A Look Ahead …


Three things coming up this weekend, the first two at Worlds of Fun:

The Great Pumpkin Fest

Join us at Worlds of Fun for the ultimate fall festival – The Great Pumpkin Fest! This family-friendly event is all treats and no tricks and features special Halloween-themed activities for kids plus PEANUTS-themed rides and attractions in Planet Snoopy!

Halloween Haunt

As darkness falls, fear rises when the Overlord calls his army to transform the park into Halloween Haunt. All new in 2017, the Skeleton Crew brings a high-flying cirque-style show of talented acrobats with a team of skeletons to shock witnesses with electrifying acrobatic performances. Experience the thrills of your favorite rides and the chills of 13 Extreme Haunts as you navigate the fog-filled midways where over 400 monsters lurk to feed off your screams. All you fear is here select nights from September 16 through October 29.

Ales & Tails — September 16th-17th, 2017 (Kansas City Renaissance Festival)

Join us for one of the most popular theme weekend events at the Renaissance Festival! Bring your pooch and learn about pet safety and training, purchase pet clothing, personalized tags, all-natural dog food and parade your dog around for the Pet Costume Contest! You must complete the Dog Registration Form & check in at the pet gate.

Longbow Archery Championships

Steady, aim, fire! Put your shot to the test in our annual Longbow Competition. Held outside of the festival’s front gate daily at 10:00am.

Tallest and Small Dog Contest

Held daily at 10:45am near the Washer Well Stage.

Pet Costume Contest

Whether ye pet be a fairy, a pirate, a gypsy, or a mixture of them all, we want to see their costume! Come show off your pet at the daily FREE pet costume contest. Held daily at 1:15pm at the Washer Well Stage.

Hot “Dog” Eating Competition

Don’t worry! These dogs are made from pigs. Race to finish your hot dog the fastest and receive a prize! This FREE competition is held daily at 2:45pm at the Washer Well Stage.

Best Dog Trick Competition

Think your pooch has the coolest trick around? Show them off at the FREE Dog Trick Competition located at the Washer Well Stage at 3:00pm daily.

Corgi Race

Watch the corgis test their legs and speed against other pups to win fun prizes! Race begin at 4:00pm on the Joust Track daily.

Sit Means Sit Competition

Who can sit still the longest? Show off your dog’s mastery of the essential trick “sit” and see who can hold the position the longest! Located near the Washer Well Stage at 5:00pm daily.

Bring your Dog!

While the Renaissance Festival loves all animals, only dogs that have proof of their rabies vaccination are allowed into the Festival. All dogs must be leashed and check in at the Pet Gate. Visit our Bring your Dog! page for more information.

Villager Bingo

Can you find them all? Play Villager Bingo for FREE and win a FREE festival ride. Pick up your card at the Info Booth at the Front Gate. All day!

Weekend Promotions

Celebration of Cities (Columbia MO, Jefferson City MO & Rolla MO)

Residents from these cities will receive $3 off their admission ticket when they present proof of residency at our box office.

Ladies’ Shopping Weekend

Grab your friends and join us for a day of shopping and wine for only $20! The discount ticket includes admission, glass of wine, gift bag, and the opportunity to receive discounts from select artisans all day!

Scout Day

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and leaders can wear their uniform for a $10 ticket at the box office.

Harvesters Food Drive 

Donate 5 non-perishable food items and receive a Buy One, Get One ticket opportunity on a regular priced Adult admission ticket! Please, no expired food!

Half-Price Pet Admission

Pet Admission is cut in half and is only $5.00 this weekend only!


Today’s post is going to be a video post.  I found and posted this first one on my Facebook feed with the comment:

This might just be (gasp), one of the best justifications of “The White Man’s Burden”, ala Kipling … to offset the complaints of “White Privilege” today….

Not realizing that a little bit later I would see the below on Facebook:


Which seems such a interesting comparison. Freedom bringers or Privilege takers.

Fitness Update: Tendinitis?


Well, late and short both today, I guess.

I got one 5K run in this past week.

No swimming (shoulder pain — possible tendinitis).

Cycling — 53 miles. So one category is well on track.

Will see how this week goes — whether doctor and tendinitis progresses or not.

#226: My Savior


(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


I am not skilled to understand

What God hath willed, what God hath planned;

I only know at His right hand

Is One who is my Savior!


I take Him at His word indeed –

“Christ died for sinners,” this I read –

For in my heart I find a need

Of Him to be my Savior!


That He should leave His place on high

And come for sinful man to die,

You count it strange? So once did I,

Before I knew my Savior!


And O that He fulfilled may see

The travail of His soul in me,

And with His work contented be,

As I with my dear Savior!


Yes, living, dying, let me bring

My strength, my solace from this spring:

That He who lives to be my King

Once died to be my Savior!