The bounty of cultural appropriation


I am sitting here this evening among the bounty of our nation and my lifestyle. I am not rich, yet the things I have on not even a middle-class income today are more than a king of the Renaissance would have. Even most poor Americans of our day have items that the rich didn’t have at the start of the previous century.

But what I am thinking about today, is the bounty we have in what our connections to the world have given us culturally. Many naysayers have talked about the evil of “cultural appropriation”. What I think about is the benefits of diversity: what we learn and acquire from each other.

Right now we are watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra via Amazon Prime. Previously we had watched Avatar: the Last Airbender via Amazon Prime. The show is just one of many that represents the cultural concepts of other cultures. Once again, the naysayers would talk about how that hurts the cultures being “acquired”. But they have it wrong.

In the Last Airbender there is this excellent scene where Aang learns about the Chakras:

One of my friends from India posted on his Facebook about how it was one of the best explanations of the Chakras. All this “cultural appropriation” is a form of cultural exchange, of cultural sharing, of communication and building of understanding.

The naysayers to cultural appropriation are the ones that  want to keep us divided for their purposes. The ones who use it with the desire to learn, bring us together, and make this a greater, better world.


Back in January I wrote about the flowering of my indoor dwarf lemon tree. I am glad to report at this time that I now have at least 10 very young, very green, very small lemons growing on my tree. That isn’t many compared to all the blossoms it had, but in all the history of the tree I think we’ve had maybe 2 lemons make it to the yellow stage, and never 10 green ones all at once.


How many young lemons can you see?

The tree is also sending out new blossoms, so the possibility of  more lemons is there.

Back in January I had asked about pollination, and gotten several suggestions. I had tried the Q-tip pollination method, but have no idea whether that actually succeeded, or whether these lemons are from other blossoms that did themselves.


New lemons, dying blossoms…

Now my question is, how long does it take? The one article I looked up, indicated that the tree, with the right “weather” conditions, could bloom and bear fruit year-round. And from blossom to fruit could be 6-9 months. So since those blossoms were in January, I’m guessing fruit could ripen from July to October. That is a pretty broad timeframe.

So, after years, will I finally get a “crop”, or will something blight my harvest?


A Look Ahead …


Today’s look ahead is going to strat with a look behind. Last weekend, opening weekend for Worlds of Fun, included times with the Easter Bunny.

WOF Easter Bunny

The above photo was taken on Saturday in the new entry plaza. My family was too busy with church and larger family activities on Easter to actually make it to the park, though the park was open. So we’ve already missed one day.

This coming weekend the park is open 10-10 Saturday and 10-7 Sunday.  We expect to get to the park on Saturday, but I don’t know about Sunday. Because there are two other events I will be in on Sunday.

The first event, starting at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, is the Northland Half Marathon/5K I will be running my first half marathon at that time.  The round is described thus: “The Northland Half route has it all: Line Creek Trail, road through Riverside and pebbly Missouri River Levee. It is diverse, flat and beautiful.”

The current weather forecast for Sunday is sunny and a high of 70. Of course, the low Saturday night is 42, so the start of the race could be a bit chilly. Which is how I usually enjoy running, better than the heat.

After running for nigh on two hours in the half marathon, I will head on down to my afternoon concert. I have a 1:30 call, but the audience can show up a 3 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church Prairie Village KS 4805 W 67th St, Prairie Village, Kansas 66208

Image may contain: 8 people

The concert will feature antiphonal works for choir and brass, along with new works by local composers. Admission is free, with donations accepted.

Those are the events for the weekend.

So now I will end the post with the current stats for the All Season Dining Plan at Worlds of Fun.

Total Price Paid $497.44
Total Number of Meals 16
Total Retail $162.79
Average Price Per Meal $31.09
Total Drink Price 29.64
Total number of drinks 12
Total Retail $12.00
Average Price Per Drink $2.47

There are some assumptions in the numbers above, but you will gradually see certain numbers grow quite large, while the per unit prices go down.

Fitness Update: Overdoing It


This week I want to address the question of overdoing it? How does one know if one is overdoing it? And what does it mean to overdo it?

This week I swam 2000 yards, ran 17 miles and biked 120 miles, so it isn’t the total amounts of things I am talking about, but specific events.

The event I was thinking about was 13 of the 17 miles ran.  I was doing a test run of the route for the upcoming half marathon on April 23. It was morning, warmer than I’d been practicing, a very stiff wind, and I was apparently less over-hydrated than normal.

About halfway through the run I started feeling dry in the mouth. Well, not really dry, but so my mouth was sticking to itself and could seal my lips shut. I don’t normally need to drink on my long runs, I’m usually so hydrated, so this was an obvious sign that something was different.

I’d been waiting to find my second breath, but it never came, and when I found myself, about 9 miles in, almost starting to walk for the third time in the run, I finally gave in and started walking.

Of course, this happened when I was on a point the furthest out from the end of the route, where I had left my water bottle and bicycle. So I had to walk all the way to the end.

I had enough energy to make a leisurely ride back home. But later that afternoon I ended up with sudden diarrhea that lasted throughout the afternoon. Since I didn’t have any other symptoms besides tiredness, I am assuming it was a stress-induced incident, from overdoing, and probably not being hydrated.

That shouldn’t be a problem during the race coming up, since they should have some hydration stations, and I will also be more hydrated to begin with.

So, obviously, I could have run more, but the run that I did created a stressed situation. So was it overdoing it, or not? How do we define it?