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Fitness Update: long weekends and slow weeks

It is hard to detail, especially on a post, what made up my week, fitness wise.  I did a lot of physical activity, but little of it organized in the workout categories that I wanted.  I also had long days on the weekend — going from work to home, and then by the time I got my homestuff done the night was short, and so I get into the week, and rather than work to the full schedule I intended, I get up late, rest, lazy, get my stuff done by the end of the day, but a later end.

It is a cycle that has to be cut short. By intent, by discipline. Which I will exercise soon, and flop, and then again, until the cycle gets better.  I’ve proven in August that I can get the activities back, even if for short times, so now I can go longer.


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Fitness Update: Bacon to lower cholesterol

I can remember the first cholesterol screening I had — at least the one I was aware of receiving and given the numbers for.

It was back in my 20s and I was working for The Corning Leader.  My number was like 106 and the news editor Mark got a high number on his screening.  He asked me what you do to get such a good number.

I rattled off my usual  breakfast of the time, bacon, eggs, etc.,  “I can’t eat all that”. He said.

“Mark” I said, those are the things you are NOT supposed to eat, and I eat them, and still have low cholesterol.”

When discussing fitness, there is always the nature/nurture process going on.  One can go all the “right” nurture things but the nature just isn’t the one to respond. One can also glide along on the nature thing, giving oneself credit for them as if they were items you have nurtured.

I think about that recently as I look at my stage of life, and the ups and downs of my fitness activities, and how I still manage to glide through so many things.  I can’t take credit for my nature portion, but I can learn the most about myself, and what things nurture me best, not what nurtures the “average” person.

Fat and greens seem to be a fairly important diet item for me, along with protein.  Those grains and carbs, well, they come along for the ride, but don’t need to be sought, apparently.

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Fitness update: no pattern

Well this week was a mixed medley of various outings.

There were runs and jogs with cooling walks. There was biking with long brakes for reading. The Viking came about because I realized my legs are cramping from the unbalanced use are the muscles caused by only running and not biking. Doing more activity DID help them.

But none of them were programmed/planned for length or intensity.

One of the runs was a very enjoyable in the rain on/off wetness before the sun type.

So how well does randomness work in a fitness program. Can it be maintained as a planned routine.

Okay, enough time for the humor. But randomness can play some part in a routine, but random is hard to maintain as a consistent feature — because it is no longer random.


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Fitness Update: An actual jog

This week’s fitness update is a lot about surviving the heat.

I am not sure if they were record highs, but it was a hot week. Yet that didn’t change the hours that I worked outside.

I worked the tickets venue twice and the treasures venue once. And amazingly, the hotter of the two tickets days was the more bearable.  The humidity had dropped slightly, and there were natural breezes that made it actually pleasant to be outside in them  (in the shade, at least).

I also got in a bit of swimming, trying to remember if I got any biking, but did get in a couple of good, short jogs. I might finally be getting over a certain exhaustion that had turned my jogging into more of a fast walk. I am getting a jogging pace that I can maintain indefinitely that is actually a jog again.


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Fitness Update: When the dog breaks a toe

Well, I have had fitness obstacles from having broken bones in both hands that meant a cast on one and splint on the other for a couple of months. But I have never had my fitness held up by an injury from the dog.

Rocky broke a toe on his right rear foot. That means that I don’t give him his  mile bike ride in the morning. So instead I have been taking a jog (often more of a walk) or a bike ride of my own during or around that time.

I am getting time in, but tempo and distance aren’t as great as previously.  I need to plan a specific regimen if I want to get back into racing again. But the key is to keep something going, instead of a stoppage to nothing.

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Fitness Update: Leg not-exactly-cramps

This week was the trip to LibertyCon, which meant a hiatus in regular scheduled activities.

But it didn’t mean a lack of fitness attempts.  I swam once, did a lot of walking, and while my sleep schedule was off kilter, managed to keep getting sleep and naps in between events to keep the energy and alertness going.

But the sitting, especially during driving, seems to have created, or resurfaced, a certain sort of uneasiness along a section of the left leg, from top to bottom. Standing up and moving helps it decrease, but it doesn’t always go away.

It is seldom, though sometimes, pain, more often uneasiness. When mentioned people first assume I am talking about cramps, and while I have cramps at various times, this isn’t cramps.

So I am not sure what it is.  Stretching, which I haven’t done as rigorously as I previously did, also helps. But if it doesn’t go away, I think another trip to the chiropractor, whom I haven’t seen in awhile, is in order.