Fitness Update: Google maps


Today I am going to detour my fitness update onto Google Maps.

It seems that Google Maps doesn’t have my best health in mind when giving me a biking route through North Kansas City.

It takes me in Eastbound on Armour Road, but then turns south on Howell Street to Railroad Ave and 10th Avenue. Howell is not well lit, allowing a nighttime cyclist to hit unseen potholes, while Railroad avenue is a series of crossing railroad tracks that bump and jostle the rider.

A simple trip a couple of blocks further and one could ride down well-lit Swift Avenue, with no need to cross railroad tracks to reach 10th avenue. But Google Maps doesn’t seem to have the same sensibility that the average cyclist has.


Fitness Update


This past week was a rest week. I did the requisite biking for commuting, but other than that, I pretty much slept until time to get up for work, and went to bed early. My sleep numbers looked good.

I did finally feel rested about Saturday, when the work week was done — go figure.

So on Sunday I ran a leisurely 6 miles in 50 degree weather and mist.

Fitness Update: dangers of fitness


Another 70 miles this past week finished the October cycling mileage quota.

One run: a 5-mile back and forth on the Cliff Byway during a cool early morning.

One run-in with the side-view mirror of a delivery van. Wednesday I turned the corner on a yellow light, he went through the light when his light went green. There was no bike lane, he didn’t see me, and his right side mirror hit my left upper arm on the back of the tricep and along the inside side that wraps toward the bicep.

Fortunately it was a foldout mirror that gave and folded in. I stayed upright on the bicycle, and we both came to a stop about the same point on the road. Even with the mirror folding it gave me quite a whack that left this gloriously horrid-looking bruise, but the the x-ray at the doctor’s confirmed the bruise is all I got.


Fitness Update:


Heading into fall and getting a bit of a different focus.

Keeping up with the bicycle miles seems to be the key goal from the beginning of the year. I put in 59 miles this week.

Running, I’m at least keeping in the game again: one 5k run.

On the strength training I stayed on track with week 4 of the PEP program at the Work Wellness Center.  I’m still having issues with my left shoulder, it is getting better, but I am not pushing the amount of weight as much as I otherwise might. It has toned my chest up again, which I enjoy. Of course, once the shoulder is good I should get back to swimming, which is a good chest toner and core toner.

I also completed my daily 10,000 step goal 6 of 7 days. I used to be hip about doing it every day, but I think I learned there are times when skipping is actually more productive. Weekly averages with proper rest is really the more important.



Fitness Update: On the Run


Well this past week I got on the run with two 5K distances. My total run for the years is now 275 miles of the 500 miles I had set for a target. Don’t think I’ll run enough for 500 miles, but expect to get past last years 300 miles run.

I also put in 110 bicycle miles. That should get me well on progress for October’s monthly 250 miles.

The one thing I didn’t make progress on was swimming. It seems curious that the one of the three events where all my exercise started, is now the one I am more or less tabling. It just seems hard to get the schedule to work well in the mornings to swim and the do work.  I’ll plan on getting swimming into my plan somewhere, but won’t worry about current timing or meeting this year’s goal.

Fitness Update: One Target on track


Well, last week I got one thing done fitness wise: I completed my bicycle miles for the month.

I also started my upper body strength program (weights) at the Wellness Center at work. That program is a six-week improvement plan. Will see how that goes.

Another short status update. Still trying to get momentum on running and swimming. Sleep gets the better of it.