Fitness Update: Viral Reboot


For those of you who.  are regular follwers of “Be Swift Be Precise” you will have notice a real oddity this past “long” weekend: The blog has gone postless for three days.

This breaks a string of unbroken posts for at least two years or longer. The reason, quite simply, relates to my physical fitness, yet also to many of the more subtle pieces of the fitness balance.

Wednesday evening I had an idea for the Thursday post, shot up a headline on my draft board, and didn’t get any farther. Tiredness and a slight chill sent me to bed early. Thursday, I got online, for work only, but didn’t hit anything personal. By the end of the day I was in a bout with a full viral assault that the doctor on Friday morning assured me wasn’t the flu, but the distinction didn’t really matter to me that much. I didn’t personally complete the Thursday post you saw — I dictated and my “stenographer” did the actual web access. Thus from Wednesday night until I came back up finally on Sunday afternoon, I was entirely devoid of web presence, given or received.

It might be a slight use of hyperbole to claim that I approached a sometimes hallucinatory state during times Thursday evening and Friday, but I did have very curious dreams, that brought up interesting correlations of data and personal history. Being disengaged from the net was probably a wise thing during this time, if I could have even thought enough to make the attempt to engage.

All this, of course, has occurred during a time when I am very busy with several new demanding projects happening all at the same time. So now that I have, practically speaking, lost almost an entire week’s forward progress of my life that I need to reacquire, I have to come to some triage decisions of how to make that happen.

For health, I cannot start out to fast. I said I came up on Sunday afternoon, but that doesn’t mean I emerged completely whole and hale. Until I have my full energy, I need to use only the energy that I currently have.

So, while I get some of the other pieces in place, it may be a week or two before I get back to the daily posting schedule. I don’t know whether the weekly feature days or the special topic days will emerge first — it may be mixture of the two depending on where the space and energy emerge — but the daily posting schedule will arise again.

For the other parts of my life: work obviously will slide right back into its regular slot; school will have to be fit in along the cracks, and found a way to get completed and caught up, since I started a week late and am now practically two weeks behind.

Church will be there, to attend, and to immerse in.

Somewhere I need to get my “personal” reading time in — which has almost exclusively been the book club book for the past couple years. Since I was offline, I tried reading the hard-copy book during my down time. My brain power could manage a measly 20-30 pages a day.

Everything done, in its time, with a buffer planned somewhere for more of the unexpected. The ride for the next couple of weeks and months could be interesting.


Fitness update: relaxed


I mentioned on January 1, New Year’s Day, that I would give a more fitness updates and goals for 2018.

Yet now that I am here, I think I am actually more devoid of goals than I was last year.

As I look back on 2017, I had three primary fitness metrics: cycling, running, swimming. I only met one of the three targets: cycling.  I did increase  my running from 2016 to 2017, but my swimming declined. I just got hard in my daily schedule to work swimming at the YMCA into my regular week.

And I ended the years similar to how I began it: weight and general stamina, health, etc. True, my aerobic support might be a little lower…

So I think this year I am going to make my goals less broad and more flexible.  I am going to maintain my current general physical health, stamina, speed, endurance, etc., while attempting to improve at certain targets.

For example, I have enrolled in the Progress Series of races again.  Rather than set a specific amount of running distance, i will set a goal to work a plan for each race to do as well, or possibly improve, on the prior year’s performance, when adjusted for weather and other factors.

On the cycling, I’ll expect to do about 3,000 miles, but i won’t set a specific annual or monthly goal. Instead, I will make it my practice to use the bicycle instead of other modes of powered transport when feasible, as a lifestyle choice.

Now the swimming. Somehow I need to get enough practice in for my Corporate Challenge swim meet, but beyond that, I’ll just try to find every opportunity for swimming at Worlds of Fun during the summer, and see if I can find some actual workout time in the spring before the corporate challenge meet.

Instead, I have other non-physical-fitness goals that I will be working on instead. They may appear in other blogs, but not as systematically as these  fitness updates.



New Year’s Cleaning


They Say New Year’s is a time for resolutions. And Monday is supposed to be my fitness update. Both of which might get some mention today.  Both of which, from the Fitness perspective, will get more detail next Monday.

But today, I’m going to talk about New Year’s as a time for cleaning.

There are more posts coming this month detailing the house remodel/recover from our tree/storm damage. But without the pictures and the step-by-step chronology of those, today’s post reflects a major side-effect of that process.  We are moving houses — but within the same house.

Which involves a lot of cleaning, and getting rid of stuff that has accumulated throughout the years.

We have a 2,000 square foot house, and were probably actively living in 1,200 to 1,500 feet of.  When we get done we will have rearranged our patterns and be living in 1,500 to 1,800 square  feet of our 2,000 square feet. And the remaining 200 to 500 square feet will be within our sites with ideas for how to utilize them as well.

A couple years ago I did a reorganization of our kitchen. It is interesting how patterns change over the years, and we had so many things not being used just cluttering up space. So we cleaned a lot of stuff up and started utilizing more of what we had.

The same thing happened to the house in general. We had spaces we stopped using, and items began piling up in them. Now we are decluttering and reorganizing the spaces for more use and less clutter.

It is interesting in our culture how much stuff we tend to accumulate. We are in a culture of affluence.  Even the poorest ends up overflowing in the detritus of the stuff that forms our affluence. This is a good thing, our affluence, as long as we are aware of the detritus that is its side effect and cycle it back into the process of affluence and living.

That isn’t a carte blanche statement for recycling, as much as that seems on the surface. But it points to the side effects of our affluence, and the opportunities it provides us. We need to keep learning and growing, and recreating our way of living to use and clear and reuse what is available to us. Nothing is ever waste, everything is always potential for the new and better.

Fitness Update: Mile sprints


My first race of 2018 is coming up in a very short time: the PR Mile on Jan. 13. So this past week I got out and did a couple of faster mile runs.  If I want to beat my last year’s speed of 6:51 I will have to keep pushing, as I was running an 8:00 and a 7:50.  But it still appears doable.

I also worked on my bicycle miles.  My annual goal is 3000 miles, and I was right on tempo Dec. 1.  Today I still have 168 miles to go. So the next two weeks I have to do a bit more than 10 miles a day.  Still doable again, but tighter to the goal than I wanted at this stage.

Fitness Update: Google maps


Today I am going to detour my fitness update onto Google Maps.

It seems that Google Maps doesn’t have my best health in mind when giving me a biking route through North Kansas City.

It takes me in Eastbound on Armour Road, but then turns south on Howell Street to Railroad Ave and 10th Avenue. Howell is not well lit, allowing a nighttime cyclist to hit unseen potholes, while Railroad avenue is a series of crossing railroad tracks that bump and jostle the rider.

A simple trip a couple of blocks further and one could ride down well-lit Swift Avenue, with no need to cross railroad tracks to reach 10th avenue. But Google Maps doesn’t seem to have the same sensibility that the average cyclist has.

Fitness Update


This past week was a rest week. I did the requisite biking for commuting, but other than that, I pretty much slept until time to get up for work, and went to bed early. My sleep numbers looked good.

I did finally feel rested about Saturday, when the work week was done — go figure.

So on Sunday I ran a leisurely 6 miles in 50 degree weather and mist.