Fitness Update: end of vegging


Another week in the car or roaming amusement parks. The activity of the parks does not counterbalance the inactivity of the car — not even with the occasional leisurely run factored into the mix.

When I got back to the scale at the work wellness center, I found my 2.5 weeks away included a 5 pound gain in weight. Nothing that getting back to regular activity levels and regular eating patterns won’t take care of, but it is always interesting how much faster it goes up than it comes down.


Fitness Update: leisurely pace


So this past week was a very leisurely week, and yet full and not necessarily resting. Going from LibertyCon to King’s Dominion, to a family reunion in Buffalo, to Canada’s Wonderland to Michigan’s Adventure, involves a lot of sitting in a car, and a lot of walking around the parks.

But it doesn’t get in much running, biking, or swimming.

I did get some swimming in at King’s Dominion, but it wasn’t much as laps, and more splashing around fairly lazy wave pools. And there was a lot of waiting in lines for slides and tubes for the lazy river. But it was up and about active.

I did get a very leisurely run in this morning. I brought a running suit, but not running shoes (space preferences), so I didn’t push the running very much; leisurely pace . And I spent a bit of time sitting, leaning, standing, while enjoying the nature, the very red sunrise (Red sky at morning, sailor’s take warning; red sky at night, sailors’ delight, as the old saying goes), and running in light rain (mentioned before that I tend to enjoy running in the rain.

So, there is a short update on the fitness. One more week of this lazing around (update next Monday), and then I should be back to more regular workouts. See if I can swim and run and bike and get those distance goals on track.

The ultimate objective is good fitness. Numbers are something to help you get there, but don’t get distracted by the metrics…

Fitness Update: Swim Meet/Tug-of-War


This past week I didn’t have any specific fitness activities: swimming, running, cycling — that was part of my previous planned regimen.

I took vacation for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Swim meet. I cycled up to the Gladstone community center each evening, and came back afterwards — 11 miles round trip. I swam very little at the swim meet. Nothing worth putting on my tracker.

Swim meets are all about sitting around for a long time, and then swimming for a minute or less in your event. From the physical exertion perspective, it takes a lot less time and effort than most of the other events in the Corporate Challenge, running, cycling, etc.

So I was able to log bicycle miles.

On Saturday morning the KCCC had its tug-of-war competition. I was on my company’s team. It was held out at the Longview Lake Swim Beach. Durning my second pull I found turtle eggs in the hole I was using to anchor myself. To preserve the remaining eggs they moved all pulls from that rope to another one.

Tug-of-war is another event that doesn’t take a lot of time.  Both our pulls were less that 15 seconds.  A full tug is only a minute, and then they decide which side moved the most.

So I didn’t do any running.

But I did add some “leisure” swimming at Oceans of Fun. On Sunday, after everything was done, I did three laps of the Caribbean Cooler for 800 yards of qualified swimming.


Fitness Update: Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon


Yesterday was the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon. We had a lot of rain the night before, and the night before that. We almost wondered if it might be canceled. But it wasn’t. The day dawned cool and damp.

They modified the route. The bicycles went backwards upon their course, and the running was at the foot of the dam instead of across the top of it.

Here is a video compilation of my time on the course:

It seems like I did close to my times from last year, but last we was slightly better, overall, than this year, though which segments were better altered from year to year. See the stats below:

2016 2017
Swim 12:21 12:12
Transition 2 4:22 3:39
Bike 34:10 38:08
Transition 2 2:46 3:12
Run 28:10 29:32
Total 1:21:46 1:23:40

Those numbers are from the company that supported the timer chips that were used. We won’t know the KCCC stats for places and divisions until later this week when they go up on the KCCC website.

Other stats I was able to get from the chip website was that I was 20 out of 39 swimmers for my age group, passing 11 swimmers and being passed by 4. I did notice that I swam the breast stroke, and yet was gaining on or passing several swimmers. The hard part of the swim was having them not see me and keep on pushing me sideways or bat at me while I tried to get a clear path along the course and to the goal.

It also said I was 28 out of 39 bikers for my age group, passing 12 bikers and getting passed by 9. I seemed to pass a lot more bikers than that, but many of them were from the younger age brackets that started in the heats ahead of me. My age bracket was the final heat that started.

It also said I was 27 out of 39 runners for my age group, passing 8 runners and being passed by 3. Here was were I felt the best. On the last leg of the course, I would find myself being passed by a 50-something, then pass a 20-something, a 30-something, a 40-something, a 50-something, then get passed by another 50-something. My age bracket seemed to do a good job of passing people from younger age brackets.

When the KCCC stats get put up, I will add an update for how I did based on the KCCC divisions.




Fitness Update: Track Meet


Today’s update on fitness is about the KCCC track meet. That’s most of what I did last week fitness-wise.

I was scheduled for one night, the mile run on Tuesday. By the time the event attrition got done, I had run the 400 on Monday and the 100 on Wednesday as well.

The track meet last week, like the swim meet next week, is a lot of sitting around for a short burst of competition.

My placing for the events was generally middle of the pack, but earned points for the team within our division.

Monday was the 400. I placed 27th out of 47 runners with a time of 1:23.48 — which was second in division with 8 division points

Tuesday was the mile. I placed 28th out of 44 runners with a time of 7:19.30 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

Wednesday was the 100. I placed 40th out of 55 runners with a time of 0:16.882 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

The interesting thing was the question of speed. Since I have been running all longer distances, it was hard to know a pace for the 400, and a danger, after running the 400, to run too fast the next night for the mile. No way, of course, to run to fast for the 100.

For the 400 I ran a pace of about 9.9 mph, by my rough calculations. For the mile my speed was 8.18 mph. The 100 I had a speed of 12.46 mph. Those are significantly different speeds. Choosing the wrong speed for the wrong event can have a dire influence on your outcome. But considering that my faster speeds recently had been 7.4 mph for a 5k, that was much faster than I had been running other events.


Fitness Update: or lack thereof


Today’s post is late because I’ve been feeling both off and lazy from the fitness perspective. Muscles fatigued with no exertion to explain. Sinus switch from weather switch. So I didn’t do much fitness workouts last week.

The weekend was getting as much rest as possible. Which seemed to do some good, though not complete restorative, by Monday morning.

There are two “fitness” bugs I’ll throw into the post today.

  1. The car on Armour Road this morning that used the turning lane as a passing lane, even though I was signalling my intent to turn left and was moving over into said lane. Person seemed very willing to have an accident just to ensure they didn’t have to slow down to get past me.
  2. Corporate Challenge Track meet is this week. I was signed up for running the mile on Tuesday, and by end of last week someone dropped out of the 100 yard on Wednesday, so I agreed to fill that.  This morning it was today’s 440-yard that someone dropped, so I’ll be running that later this evening. So next week’s fitness post might have more running events to be chronicled.

And finally, something not fitness, but bicycle-related. I learned about an across-the-country bicycle trip being made by a foursome, and I intend to put up a post tomorrow about the same.

Fitness Update: Midway Point


What do I mean by midway point?

I mean I have gotten through the first couple of races in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge — the 5K and the (modified) half marathon — and have one event at the track meet (don’t know which one yet), the triathlon and swim meet yet.

Before the Corporate Challenge I had my Progress Series of races. So, in a sense, the halfway point should be between the end of the series and the beginning of the Challenge. In a sense I am talking about two halfway points, which means I’m three-quarters of the way through the combination of the two. Put together, or even each half considered independently, is a sort of long-distance event.

Planning for a long-term event or project requires a certain amount of psychological perspective and perseverance. My practice sessions, my runs for the Progress Series were pretty consistent.

But in heading to my second half-marathon, for the Challenge, and the rest of the Challenge events, my workouts have gotten more aberrant. They said to train for consecutive half-marathons you didn’t need to practice the full distance between races, just do “long runs” and keep the cardio training up. I did enough swimming and biking to do that.

So, for this past week, I had quite a bit of cycling, one day of 1,000 yards of swimming at the NKC YMCA. But no practice runs. I did run 2 miles on a treadmill at the Wellness Center as part of an “inside triathlon” program they are sponsoring. I did a lot of walking at Worlds of Fun. I also swam six laps (three laps each of Friday and Sunday) in the Caribbean Cooler at Oceans of Fun.

My total bicycle miles to date are 1,408 miles. My May interim goal to reach my annual total is 1,250 miles. I am 158 miles ahead of schedule. I have vacation time in June, and a lot in July where I won’t have opportunity to cycle. So I will need to have some ahead to stay on schedule.

My total running for the year is 250 miles. I am halfway through my annual goal of 500 miles. A midway point of sorts. Whether I make my annual goal or not depends on how I continue running through the rest of the year.

For swimming, I have swum 12,000 yards at the lap pool, and 1,600 yards at Oceans of Fun. That is much less than halfway through the 50,000 yard goal for the year. So no midpoint there.

There is less focus, and more holistic gestalt to today’s post. Which sort of emphasizes the point I previously mentioned about the psychological component of the fitness training regime.