Fitness Update: Tendinitis?


Well, late and short both today, I guess.

I got one 5K run in this past week.

No swimming (shoulder pain — possible tendinitis).

Cycling — 53 miles. So one category is well on track.

Will see how this week goes — whether doctor and tendinitis progresses or not.


Fitness Update: On the Run


Last week I finally got back into the groove of running.

I made, by three-tenths of a mile over, the bike miles for August.

I also started running again. two 5k distances during the week. Both slower than six mph average. So either I was taking it way too easy, or the lack of practice and summer heat has pushed back my pace.

Today is the end of the Oceans of Fun swim season, so I’ll need to get back to my other location for swimming between now and the end of the year if I want to make my goal for swimming.

And I had a thought about this fitness focus.  While I can’t set goals for others, I do find myself contemplating encouraging fitness for the other members of my household.  How do I encourage and create a culture of fit activity that will keep them going and in good moods from the increase in good health.

Fitness Update: Lazy


This week’s post is a lazy one.  I got by bicycle miles down to 40 needed to complete the monthly quota.  I swam once at Oceans of Fun; haven’t gotten halfway to the goal. Need to get back to running to finish that goal for the year.

Fitness Update: Open Water Swimming


I’ve been doing swimming at Oceans of Fun around the Caribbean Cooler.  Saturday evening was somewhat crowded. I had previously used such laps as my substitute for open water swimming practice.  And Saturday was a pretty good example of it.  The need of constantly trying to avoid people who aren’t paying any attention to you while swimming around the loop of the river is just the mental sort of game that puts your brain in the right frame of mind for swimming through a bunch of triathletes intent on kicking you everywhere and anywhere because they are focused on the goal, and not anyone else swimming around them.

That is this week’s short meditation.

Fitness Update: Lap swimming


So, this week has been another getting back up to speed. Not really. But some progress made again.

The sleep hours went back up, and I started feeling better, but still ended up tired. So over the weekend I did a little more physical activity, and that seems to balance things out. I need sleep, but I also need the physical activity.

I did some swimming at Worlds of Fun, kept the biking up. Somewhere in the schedule I need to get the motivation for the running again.  That is probably the primary physical activity that keeps my fitness/sleep cycle in sync.

Summer is great for relaxation, but it can also throw you a bit out of whack sometimes.

Fitness Update: Biking in the rain


Well, a couple of things on the fitness front this week:

  1. I went to the MD doctor about the bone cramps/muscle aches in my lower and upper left leg. (At its worst, this made it painful to drive at all, as any application of the clutch in our stick shift stressed the offending area.) I had been seeing the chiropractor, who did adjustments that gave improvement, but his latest was that there was a tight muscle (he pressure pointed it and I could see what he meant) that needed to be stretched, rolled, etc. So I’ve been doing that a whole month, and while it is improved, it doesn’t seem to get all the way there. So I went to the MD, thinking a muscle relaxant. But his thought was a pinched nerve, and even though the back xray came back clean, he has me on anti-inflammatories. I haven’t experienced any significant issues since I started them on Wednesday, but I still feel tightness in the muscle area pointed out by the chiropractor. I am hoping the anti-inflammatory might do something about that as well, or I don’t think I’ll have the full cure I need.
  2. The only one of my three triathlete sports that got anything this week was cycling. I managed to put 50 miles on, which keeps me on pace for the month. A good portion of that was done Saturday during a break in the semi-constant rainstorms we received. I enjoy biking in the rain, though the big torrential downpours, and the streams of water across the road, are things I take seriously and avoid dangerous hydroplaning areas. This trip I got a 60-second torrent the minute I went out the door (totally soaked), and then it almost stopped, and most of the trip was the just barely rain, with about 3 more torrents, so I came home with squishy/squeaky shoes and only lightly damp shirt and shorts.

So, now to see when I get the rest of my workout house in order.

Fitness Update: Making the Miles


Well, this is the week where one month ends and another begins. I have been working on three fitness activity targets all year. Only one of them has been definitively on target — bicycle miles.

And now, with the lull in cycling due to the vacation earlier in July, I am just making the miles today, and just barely. But I made the 1750 miles for 7 months to make the 3000 miles.

I’ve done some swimming at Oceans of Fun, but I need to get back to running, at least this fall, when the weather gets cooler. My schedule might be clearing up allowing more personal life around responsibilities. We will see.