A Blast of the Past #102: Hannibal


On the way back from our meeting with family in Ohio, and tour of the parks, we stopped to see some sights in Hannibal.  We always prefer going across Missouri on Route 36 (eventually Interstate I-72?) through Hannibal rather than I-70 to St. Louis.

For the first time, for me and the kids, not sure about Betsy, we toured the Mark Twain caves, or whatever they were called.  It was a fun tour, but as Betsy pointed out, they talked about it as if everything had actually happened, instead of being stories that Mark Twain made up based on the caves.

So here are our pictures:


Before we did Hannibal, we also hit a campground in Indiana where we took some neat photos, so here they are:

A Blast of the Past #101: Cedar Point


Cedar Point was another destination on our 2008 tour. We had a lot of fun, in both the water and amusement park sections. but we came back with very  few pictures. Here they are:

We enjoyed the Joe Cool Cafe, and still have the lunch boxes the kids meals came in. Wonder if the restaurant is still there with the same motif. From what I can see searching online, and through the Cedar Point details, I think it may be closed. 2008 was apparently its opening season, so we saw it in its opening season.

A Blast of the Past #100: Ohio Reunion


Today’s post is a milestone of pictures. Been reflecting back through pictures for quite awhile to get to 100. So it seems appropriate that this milestone should feature something as important as a meeting of two Lightfoot branches. In the summer of 2008 the New York and Missouri branches met in Ohio. We stayed in a trailer/cabin on a campground resort down some rural trails off of I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus.

On our one outing off the campground, we went back toward the interstate to visit a historic carousel that you can see pictures of.

Right before arriving at the campground we spent most of a day in Aurora, Ohio at the Saturn dealership, having the shifting cables in a Saturn SL replaced. And right after that I managed to lose my fanny pack. But after the camping we called the police station in the area, and they confirmed it had been found and returned. I must have put the fanny pack on the truck while fueling the car and then drove off — something I otherwise never do.

So a lot of memories on this trip.