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I’ve been living life, some of which will come up in Monday’s fitness blog, but haven’t spent time chronicling it, so instead today, before I run out of day without posting anything, I’ve decided to throw up an older video clip from a Easter service several years ago. Hallelujah just seems appropriate in thanks for all the good things in life I have experienced today…

A Look Ahead …


This week’s look ahead has four items, including glance ahead teasers …


AUMC — Vacation Bible School


Avondale United Methodist Church Invites Families to Rome: Paul and the Underground Church

[Kansas City, MO] A summer family event called Rome: Paul and the Underground Church will be hosted at Avondale United Methodist Church. Families step back in time at Rome, exploring the life of the apostle Paul and the underground church. Kids and adults participate in a memorable Bible-times marketplace, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig in to Roman eats, visit Paul while he’s under house arrest, and collect Bible Memory Makers to remind them of God’s Word. Each day concludes at Extollo—a time of upbeat worship that gets everyone involved.

Kids and adults at Rome will join The Missouri United Methodist Conference in the “Water for Haiti” project—a project that provides water filters to families in Haiti. With this service opportunity, families’ donations will change the lives of other families across the globe by helping provide them with safe drinking water.

Rome will begin on Friday, June 23, with supper at 6:00 p.m. and conclude at 8:30.  Saturday, June 24, 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.  Sunday, June 25, 9:30-Noon. For more information, call 816-452-3518.

Please register both adults and children using forms located in the foyer or by calling the church office.  We encourage parents and grandparents to accompany children as we learn about Paul’s Rome.  All church members of any age are welcome to attend with or without children!

Worlds of Fun

The big events coming up all relate to a week from now, with Celebrate America on the July 4th weekend, and Family Reunion Days and a Military Day all packed into the July 4th celebrations.

KCCC Tug of War

This week, the final week of the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, has been the swim meet, the penultimate competition,  since Monday night.  Tonight is the final event: freestyle — both 50 individual and 200 relay.

Saturday is the ultimate event — the tug-of-war.  I might even be doing it again  for my company this year, for the second time.  We are still trying to put together our team. Event itself starts 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the Longview Lake Swim Beach.

Teaser — Liberty Con

And finally the real look ahead teaser.  More to come next week:

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2017: starting and restarting and finishing


A lot of things seem to have begin end dates of the new year.

Before I could ride my bicycle this morning, to properly track the numbers I want to on it, I had to reset the odometer so I could track my mileage for the year.

Last fall was open enrollment for health benefits at work. Since work provides several options to choose from, this year I chose to switch plans and lower premiums, so that means new cards, and providing new information to all our medical providers the next time we visit them.

I do a daily Bible reading. I used a through the Bible plan last year with some Old Testament each day and some New Testament most days. Now I need to look through plans offered and decide how I want to do it this year. Probably should have been looking before January 1, but will be doing that today. (note, took break writing the post here, and chose my plan — Historical, in the order written, as best guessed by scholars.)

I have all sorts of Google sheets that I track various numbers and activities. I’ll need to role each of those to start a new sheet for the year. need to decide if I want to update the format on any of them to better reflect the information I am trying to record. These sorts of things are always works-in-progress.

I have some goals for the year. Won’t mention most of them here. The fitness ones will be listed in tomorrow’s weekly fitness post.

I also have something to finish up this year. Two classes remaining in my Master’s Degree. Hopefully one here January-March (on how to research — prep for the thesis), and the final course September to December to write the thesis. I really need to discuss the topic with my adviser and settle on something I want to do. Problem is I get another good idea with each class I take. Need to find focus. But hopefully the degree will be completed this year. my actual hope is to March during the May 2018 ceremony.

A lot more things going on for the year. That is just a sample.

But it began well this morning. Seems very appropriate that the first day of the year is a Sunday, to spend the day in worship with communion and the fellowship of believers. And we even had a special guest today. My bad for not  writing the name down, but it was someone from South Korea, who is going back after being an exchange student somewhere in Texas. She was visiting us because 17 years ago she sang at the wedding of our pastor and his wife (they are naturalized US citizens who came here from South Korea).

She sang what seemed to me a medley of praise hymns while accompanying herself on the piano. As someone with 12 years of piano lessons, and a singer who has accompanied himself while singing, I know that isn’t easy. She had a good voice too. But it was the medley, and the message, that gave me chills of awe and praise. I’ve been moved my many special numbers at services, but today I was really moved, as I haven’t been in a long time.

I was glad I started my year in church.

Trunk or Treat


Today’s post is announcing the Avondale United Methodist Church Trunk or Treat from 4-5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016 in the church parking lot, 3101 NE Winn Road, Kansas City, Mo, 64117.

Below are some shots from the 2015 event:

The Hash Chorus


Today’s post is a video look at a musical segment from Sunday’s services, both 8:30 and 10:50 a.m. It was also sort of an experiment.

At the beginning you can hear me explaining what the song — the hash chorus — is, and where I first picked it up. Those who remember this from my high school days will note that the set of songs isn’t the same as we did. That is one of the graces of this song, it changes over time.

I could tell that the song went over better with some than with others. The more familiar the songs were to people, the better it was. When I disappeared off the camera, it was to encourage the congregation to participate in the responsive singing of that particular song. Several people in the second service did this.

But the second service people also got more antsy with the songs. I could tell there were many that they didn’t know.

Yet it was a good demonstration of the variety of songs that we have and know, and the use of music and praise in worship, in fellowship, and in life generally.

We seldom get together with people and just sing, whether worship music or otherwise. This is something that seemed more common in past days. Today we let the professionals do it for us. But it should be something we should all do, same as breathing.

Community Day in Cooley Park/Heights


(Taken from the AUMC newsletter)

September 17 is a big community event day. There is an opening
ceremony of the Literacy Center at Walnut Grove Apartments (10:00
a.m. – 2:00 p.m.). It is a reading room for children to read books and
adults who speak English as the second language to learn English. The
opening ceremony provides games, bouncy house, food, and library
cards. You can visit and look around the Literacy Center and meet
Also, there is a soccer event at Cooley Park (11:00 a.m.). It is
sponsored by the Bosnian Islamic Center, Kansas City Police
Department, Cooley Highland Neighborhood Association, and Kansas
City. KC Police, Bosnian Americans, and people in the neighborhood
will have a soccer tournament; I heard 5-6 soccer teams will play. Each
team consists of 6 players – the size of indoor soccer. Each game time
is 30 minutes. If you come an hour earlier (10:00 a.m.), you can join in
a team or participate in a tournament with your team. The Islamic
Center will grill burgers and prepare Bosnian foods to share with the
community. The Cooley Neighborhood Association, which include
many congregants of Avondale, supports it. Avondale UMC will
provide parking space for the event. This event should become the
place of meeting and building community. As one of Cooley Highland
Neighborhood community, I am very excited to announce this event to
the church. Also, as the pastor of Avondale UMC, I encourage you to
come to this event and “be the church.” Your presence should mean a
lot for the Islamic community. You can help parking and volunteer for
the event.
I hope to see you and your family and friends at the events and also at
the Little House Garage Sale scheduled on the same day (Sat. 9:00 a.m.
– 3:00 p.m.). Avondale UMC should become the sign of reconciliation
and collaboration for the community.
In Christ
Choongho Kwon
Avondale UMC