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A Blast of the Past #158: Snake Saturday flashback 2013

Avondale United Methodist Church has participated in the North Kansas City Snake Saturday parade for many years, though I am not sure whether we did so the past couple of years. Below are some pictures from the 2013 parade preparations:

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A Blast of the Past #144: Church Picnic

Our Friends the Proctors — missionaries at the Black Forest Academy in Germany — visited our church picnic back in 2012.


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Jesus Shall Reign

The Lord is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Thus goes the traditional Easter greeting, an affirmation of the central tenant of Christianity, the truth of which, were it not true, we would be “of all men, most miserable” as the Apostle Paul noted to the Corinthians.

But this Easter we were not miserable, even if, in Missouri, on the first of April, we had snow to celebrate the resurrection. Instead we rejoiced in God’s good humor.

So today’s post, is clip(s) from the service and service music. A few will be going up later, so check back on this post, and then the residual will be posted in place of the Wednesday hymn music spot.

Delays are due to the time needed for processing the videos locally, and the unusually slow uploads to Youtube.


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A Blast of the Past #133: Carly’s Confirmation

I grew up in a Baptist tradition. We didn’t have infant baptism and we didn’t have confirmation services.  So when moving to Avondale United Methodist Church, we had to get used to both concepts.

Today’s Blast of the Past is one of those events — Carly’s Confirmation service and day.

As you can tell from the group photos, there was a good-sized group of confirmands that year, and they had a wonderful set of mentor for the confirmands as well.

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Christmas Music 2017 — Last installment

Here is my last installment of Christmas music — for the 10th Day of Christmas. I had the ensembles on Sunday, so today I am going to do the individual numbers. Actually number.

We had two individual performances on Dec. 24. The first was two superb Saxophone numbers by Rick Firestone. The first was an unaccompanied chaconne from partitia in d minor by J.S. Bach. The second was an Aria by Eugene Bozza that included piano accompaniment by the church organist, John Livingston.

I think I liked the first one best. It was intense, moving, and amazing how the saxophone was able to fill and envelope the whole space, not merely in amount of sound, but in emotional and expressive impact. I would love to share the video with you, but at the artist’s request, I will not be posting any audio or video of it to social media or the web. You will just have to be there in service the next time we have him play (I have been led to hope that there will be another time!)

But I can share with you the number by John Livingston on Piano. It was a version of Silent Night interwoven with Clair de Lune by Debussy. It is lovely and amazing how the tunes fit and weave together so well.