Blog Schedule


Greetings! For those of you who have followed this blog, for various reasons, you may have noticed the start of a regular pattern to my blog posts. I have been on a journey of regular blogging, which I feel includes having some structure in what I blog about. Just blogging whatever comes to mind on any day is dangerous: not that I might say something dangerous, but that regular life sometimes makes the  mind so numb or tired that it comes up with little coherent or interesting to say.

But if I have a planned topic, the ideas structure themselves (most of the time) around it and I can write something you hopefully find interesting.

So here is the schedule, flexible as it is:

  • Sunday: Great Hymns of the Faith — I am working my way through the hymn book of my childhood. I put up the text, and record and mp3 of me playing and singing (sometimes with other family members) the hymn.
  • Monday: Fitness Update — discussion of my own fitness journey and goals through the year, with related fitness and personal reflections
  • Tuesday: Open Mic (for me, not other people, though that would be an idea …)
  • Wednesday: Great Hymns of the Faith — Another installment of the series I mentioned on Sunday
  • Thursday: Open Mic
  • Friday: A Blast of the Past — Putting up pictures from the family photo albums, with reflections on them and my file.
  • Saturday: Open Mic

I’ve got ideas for another series to fill the Thursday slot for the summer.  When Worlds of Fun opens up I’ll probably start a weekly feature on the goings-on at the park. I did periodir pieces on the all-season dining plan last year, and will probably use the weekly feature to expand on that.

Also this summer (2016) WorldCon is meeting in Kansas City, and I will be going. It will be my first time attending a Con, so I plan to do some sort of series blogging about the experience, as well as more news-focused items on what was there itself. I might also do some lead-up pieces on the Hugos, as well as aftermath observations.

As you can tell, I like doing series of posts with multiple entries, whether special features, or the regular ones shown above.  Hopefully you all enjoy the developing structure.

— Godspeed


(Note: The views expressed on this blog are mine, and are not to be seen as the views of any group or organization that I am associated with.)