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Christmas Service Music

‘Tis the season for enjoying seasonal music.  To mark the 7th day of Christmas here is some service music from Avondale United Methodist Church. These are he pieces performed by the Avondale United Methodist Church Cathedral Choir and Orchestra on Dec. 24, 2017.

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Christmas Extravaganza 2017, Part 3

The final segments of the Musical Feast begin with a clarinet resetting of a soprano aria from Romeo & Juliet, played by Kim Heft:

That was followed by two piano solos, one by Samuel Kwon, the other by Stephen Kwon.

Samuel Played Somewhere Over the Rainbow:

While Stephen played Angel We Have Heard on High:

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Christmas Extravaganza 2017

One of the fun things from years past at Avondale United Methodist Church has been the Christmas Music Extravaganza. Open to all, it has always been a place for people who normally don’t get a chance to perform in church to perform, and for those who do to perform pieces they wouldn’t normally perform as part of the regular services.

This year the Lightfoot family (aka, my family) got to open the Extravaganza with a medley of two numbers from the Muppet Christmas Carol.  The first number, Bless Us All, is the Cratchet family singing over their meager, yet bounteous, Christmas dinner. The second Thankful Heart, is the reformed Scrooge’s affirmation to treat his fellow men well.

The next video wasn’t announced, so I’ll just call the group the AUMC ensemble, and put up their rendition of Stand By Me:


I will be updating  more in tomorrow’s post, from the Extravaganza, as time permits me to edit and upload various segments from the Extravaganza.



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Out of the cold…

Well, today hasn’t been productive, unless you count taking a sick day from work to get feelling better, and spending a few hours trying to get the heat working again in the house as the temperature outside drops to single digits productive.  But hopefully I will be back to real content posts by tomorrow…

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Merry Christmas!

Monday is usually the fitness post of the week. But with the calm of  the White Christmas outside, I thought this video post on the holiday would be much more appreciated.

This is myself and the Music Director of Avondale United Methodist Church Taylor Tracy singing O Holy Night during the Christmas Eve Service.

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Choose to be angry

( Note: All the date references in the below post are done present tense; i.e. from the frame of when they were originally written, and not when I finally published them. This article was drafted in bits and spurts, so no date reference can be deemed to help one figure out the exact day or time of any event being referred to.)

One day this past fall I chose to be angry. I tried to concentrate my thoughts on an unfairness that had been done to me, for the whole day. I tried to demonstrate that one chooses one’s attitude. And I kept it up until about 3 p.m., one hour before the end of the work day.

Someone needed assistance, and in doing so I couldn’t help get infected by her attitude. I never realized how hard it would be for me to choose to be angry.

I spent about 10 minutes writing the above two paragraphs, and 10  minutes before deciding that I was going to write on this subject. And it took me all of that 20 minutes to even remember what item I had been so royally screwed over by certain powers that be in my life that I decided it was worth devoting an entire day of my life being angry about it.

And that was after yesterday someone brought it back up to me and rubbed my face into it along with another equally ridiculous slap down I was given over a perceived slight that was entirely incongruous to the actual intent and tone of event that occurred.

I discovered that I can be intensely angry, but holding onto it is a hard thing to do. I don’t like living there, although in certain ways it felt really good to be able to hold onto my sense of injustice and being mistreated. It also has warned me how easy it is to let someone do something to  me over and over again, my ability to forget and thus forgive by forgetfulness, along with my rare ability to actually hold a grudge.