Fitness Update: device carelessness


I wrote last week about the role of carelessness in a good fitness program. Well, over the past week I had some unexpected carelessness creep into my program. While on a weekend run with the dog, the odometer disappeared off my bicycle.

It disappeared in a 1/10 mile stretch of road, but no amount of looking could find the odometer, so I ordered a replacement, which would take a week to get here. Just one day before the replacement arrived, the odometer turned up, in the house, even though I had distinctly checked it  and reset it before starting the ride.

Its absence meant I had almost a week without tracking my cycling numbers. It also meant I had to decide when to shift based on how the bicycle felt, without any reference to actual speed. Sometimes I felt like I was going faster than normal, or slower, but I had nothing by my own body as a guide to this.

For a short while this was a very freeing sensation. Just having the experience of the trip. I’m just glad that the odometer was found, so I can track myself on a regular basis.


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