Fitness Log: Swim Meet Week


Well, last week upended many of my regular workout patterns, but didn’t eliminate my fitness regimen entirely. I was at the Gladstone Natatorium Monday-Thursday for the Corporate Challenge Swim meet.

This meant I curtailed my running. I’m never sure how much energy I should be expending in other activities to preserve the energy I need for the competitive events, but I didn’t do any runs during the week. I did, however, ride my bicycle to the meet each evening, an 11-mile round trip. I actually didn’t do much swimming at the meet. Most of my time was coordination, and I don’t do a lot of warm-ups for the same reason I didn’t do any running.

I also did a lot of walking at Worlds of Fun when headed out to eat meals, and did some floating in the pools there.  I didn’t have much time to actually swim there last week.

So now the events I have been practicing for are done for the year. Now I need to decide how I exercise and retool my workouts for the summer and the fall. Still working the ideas out.


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