To frame something isn’t always bad


In books and movies and TV shows, when someone has been framed, it is usually a bad thing. Someone makes the context look bad for someone when it really isn’t.

But in real life, framing is actually very important. It makes a big difference. That is why so many people trying to apply vastly different frames to the same events creates the conflict and chaos in our world.

Take for example the shooting in Orlando. People are trying to make sense of it. People are trying to understand the shooter and his motives, trying to give frame to it.

Others don’t really need to understand, they just need to frame the event in a way that benefits them. Thus we get Obama and Clinton touting gun control, and Trump touting immigration reform from the incident.

Have you ever been a part of a situation, a discussion, an argument, and something sounded so right, but you had this gut feeling that something was wrong. You were probably a victim of framing. If you are ever trying to prove something, or rebut something, check the frame, and you will probably see what the issue is.

Never answer a question from another person’s frame, without knowing what the frame is and accepting it. Answer from your own frame, but make sure your frame is accessible to the other side.


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