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Songflower concert Sunday, April 3

Today’s post is a promo for the singing group I’m newly joined.  Sunday is my first concert with the group.

I got recruited because of my experience with Madrigals — the concert is one of Jazz and Madrigals. It is a wonderfully eclectic mix of some of the hottest sets both old and new. See the details below, and consider attending:


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#79: Softly Now the Light of Day

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


Softly now the light of day

Fades upon my sight away,

Free from care, from labor free,

Lor,d I would commune with Thee.


Thou, whose all-pervading eye

Naught escapes — without, within,

Pardon each infirmity,

Open fault and secret sin.


Soon for me the light of day

Shall forever pass away;

Then, from sin and sorrow free,

Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee.


Thou who, sinless, yet hast known

All of man’s infirmity;

Then, from Thine eternal throne,

Jesus, look with pity-ing eye.


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Easter Egg Bonanza

Here is a set of eggs colored and drawn by my daughter this year. The figures are Armless Bipedal Cycloptic Demons, or ABCDs. The ABCDs were created initially as part of an online project by the  Talkhaus online gaming community for an event they titled A Super Mario Things (ASMT for short).  Carly drew several of the characters from the ASMT, and created her own ABCDs based off the motif.

So the pictures start with a display case of the eggs, and then individual close-ups of eggs. Once you get to the close-ups, the list of who they represent should be:




Karate Joe
(2 of) Four-wings hatching
(4 of) Science
(3 of) Johnson Garrish McCain and his goopas
(2 of)Pily
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Fitness Update:Sleep Tracking

This week’s fitness tracking will have all the usual stats and corresponding observations, along with one new revelation. It will also talk about the sleep tracking portion of the Misfit Shine app.

So first I want to talk about the sleep tracking app. The first night I used the Misfit it told me I had some deep sleep. I have never had deep sleep since. But I did manage to have ti tell me that I started sleeping twice this week two hour before I actually went to bed. Apparently sitting at my computer at the evening reading is still enough to tell it I am asleep, even if I do enough walking around between that and getting ready for bed. So while the fitness app is fairly good, I’m not sure how well-calibrated the sleep portion is.

Let me turn to the fitness stats. I only swam once this week, bringing me to 21,050 yards for the year. For the bicycle I added another 40 miles to get to 799 total for the year. Since I was 86 miles ahead of my monthly pace at the start of the month, I am probably right on pace for a monthly perspective.

Running is where things get intersting this week. I only ran twice, but one of the runs was for 4.4 miles. Back on Monday of last week someone at the work locker orrm asked if I had thought of doing the half marathon for the corporate challenge. Seems they might have an opening and need someone for my age bracket.

It got me thinking how one trains for such a race, and I asked the head of the runnning club at work, who happens to be in my work group. She mentioned doing regular runs, and then once a week doing a longer one, and upping it a mile each week. Since the half marathon is 13.1 miles and the corproate challenge race is on May 21 — 8 weeks from now — it would just about get meto the 13.1 mile level. Not sure if I will actually compete, but I will see how well I take the extended distance training.

Just the one additional mile made me slow down to a 6 mph pace, but I felt like tit was soomething sustainable. So we will see if time and weather let me continue with the extended runs, and how my speed is affected. The half marathon has to be completed in 3.5 hours.

So, another possible challenge, another possible goal for the year.

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The Lord Is Risen!


Such is the traditional Easter Greeting.

Today being Easter, I am taking some time off from my journey through the Hymnbook feature to put up some Easter-themed music.  The first clip is actually from our Maundy Thursday church cantata. My son is the narrator, and the choir sings under the direction of Aaron Redburn and John Livingston. The Cantata had music through Easter, but we stopped with Good Friday music.

Easter services started with a Processional on Hallelujah, a joint effort of the youth chime choir and the adult bell choir. It was an impressive and resounding pealing declaration of the resurrection:

The service also featured the church orchestra, which comes together for special services and celebrations.  Besides accompanying the hymns, they also did an anthem arrangement of Crown Him:

And not to be left out, the cathedral choir closed out the service with a performance of the Hallelujah Chorus:

Interspersed within both services was an excellent sermon by Rev. Kwon on two empty tombs, and how they gave evidence to the Resurrection.

The Lord is Risen!

He is risen Indeed!

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Miracle on 34th Street

The day before Easter seems an odd time to do a post on a Christmas movie.  But this is the time the DVD came from the library from my hold request I put in back in November.

Unfortunately, or so I thought at first, it turned out to be the 1994 remake and not the original with Maureen O’Hara and Edmund Gwenn from 1947

But I finally went ahead and watched the remake, and wasn’t disappointed as I expected. I still like the original better. In fact, one of the things I like about the original VHS tape we own is the original theatrical trailer. Which I’ll tell you about first, before getting into the movie itself.

The original has the producer being shown a trailer for the movie. It claims the movie has everything. This does not impress the producer.

“What do you make a trailer for? to give the public an idea what type of movie to expect? How can it be all those things?

Follwing that we see the producer head out to the lot, where he runs into the studios top stars. Rex Harrison tells him he doesn’t know what the women will think, but “it’s a great man’s picture!” Anne Baxter, who just won an oscar, doesn’t know what the men will think but “the things that got me were the tears, so warm and charming … its a great woman’s picture.” Then he almost gets run over by Peggy Ann Garner driving a car.  She talks about how “groovey” the movie is. Dick says “Moving pictures have to move for me, and this in the most unusuall picture I’ve seen, and the last 20 minutes had me on the edge of my seat.”


The trailer ends with him coming up with the same idea as his publicity department — that it has it all — but he adds “groovey” to the list as well.

And truly, the original movie had it all, and the remake had almost everything.

Both movies start with the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The original has the actual Macy’s parade, while the remake has a fictional Cole’s parade in NYC. And the remake has thematic items about economic hard times.

Both have Kris showing the parade Santa how to use the sleigh whip, and both have the parade Santa drinking. The original focuses more on Kris and his concern for the children, while the remake focuses on comedic slapstick.

Each version has items that it does better than the other. They both are worth a watch. The original comes from what we might think of as a simpler era; the remake tries to make some items of the plot more complex.

But what I think really separates the two movies is that the remake focuses much more on the meaning of Christmas — by which I mean the abstract concepts of peace, goodwill, generosity, etc.In contrast, I think the original hit all those themes by concentrating on Kris himself, as well as Susan, Mrs. Walker and the other characters.

Both films have excellent scenes with secondary and “cameo” characters. Each of them has an excellent actress who plays a mother of a child referred to a different store, and how they say they now will shop at Macy’s/Cole’s because of the heart the store/Santa is showing.

Both versions have a trial scene. The original is much more humorous — the remake much more suited to a modern courtroom. The remake version couldn’t have occurred at the time of the original; the opposite might have been possible. I did miss the Postal Service scene in the remake, but the “I believe” campaign was a good interpretation.


In each movie Susan tests Santa to get her something for Christmas, though in the remake Susan ups the ante from what is asked in the original. And the conclusion delves more into physical humor in the remake. The original centers on the magical, and keeps the question about Kris as Santa there in suspension.

The remake is more realistic, and the original more magical.

I will say that the actress who plays Mrs. Walker in the remake did a very good job, and made the role her own, instead of just copying Maureen O’Hara. It would be had to follow O’Hara in any role. Where there are similar lines, you see how she does a good job of it.

The love interest in both was acted well also, though once again, the remake cast someone more “Latin lover” type sensual, more smolder from him than the original. Once again, I’d say a sign of the times, though that sensuality actually harkens back to a similar era as the original.

So, go see both, and see how they encourage you to think about the spirit of Christmas.


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A Blast of the Past #40: Thanksgiving 2000

My side of the family gets together every few years for Thanksgiving. It is our holiday to share from where we’ve been spread across the U.S.  When it first started, I thought it was supposed to be every three years, but somewhere along the line that was changed and some people insist it was always supposed to be every five years.

So back in the year 2000 we had the first gathering at the Indiana branch, the one most central to all three. Most of the photos you see actually look more like Christmas. Since we seldom spend Christmas together, the Friday after Thanksgiving became our chance to actually be there when the presents were opened, to see the reaction of the person receiving our gifts.

It was also the time my dad fell and hit his head and had to go to the emergency room. The Parkinson’s made him slightly unstable, and he fell while at the house. But he went to the emergency room, and came back, and we still had a fine family time.

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#78: Day is Dying in the West

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


Day is dying in the west,

Heav’n is touching earth with rest;

Wait and worship while the night

Sets her evening lamps alight Thru all the sky.


Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts!

Heav’n and earth are full of Thee!

Heav’n and earth are praising Thee, O Lord most high!


Lord of life, beneath the dome

Of the universe, Thy home,

Gather us who seek Thy face

To the fold of Thy embrace, For Thou art nigh.



While the deep’ning shadows fall,

Hearth of Love, enfolding all,

Thru the glory and the grace

Of the stars that veil Thy face, Our hearts ascend.



WHen forever from our sight

Pass the stars, the day, the night,

Lord of angels, on our eyes

Let eternal morning rise, And shadows end.


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Easter Promo … come join us

Today is a feature and a promo, both from Avondale United Methodist Church. First is a video of our Bell Choir performing this past Sunday during service.

The second is the promo: our bell and chime choirs rehearsing for the processional they will do Easter Sunday morning. Feel free to stop by during either service, 8:30 a.m. or 10:50 a.m. to experience the full celebration…