A Blast of the Past #34: First House, First Summer


The first summer in the new house was the start of a lot of changes. We planted strawberries and rhubarb in the flower beds, took down the wooden fence and replaced it with chain link (even with the power tool, digging the holes in that clay to pour the cement — had to be careful not to get the tool stuck).

Score Ought0282

There was also a lot of fun and freshness with two kids, and during weekdays their cousins, around the house. We had a jungle gym that we had been given while at the apartment that we brought along to the now fenced yard. It got a lot of play during the years we were at this house.


From his age in the pictures, you can understand why the boy, vaguely, remembers this as the first place he lived. He was barely six months old when he moved in, and in these pictures is coming upon a year.

Score Ought0301They really enjoyed their rooms, but they also got tired and slept wherever they landed — even if it was our bed instead of theirs.

Score Ought0341Nathan0100


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