Fi tness Update: Tech vs. Flesh


Well, in my last fitness post I mentioned that I was happy about my Misfit Shine finally recording my laps swum. No such luck last week. Both times I swam it didn’t count the laps. I’m not sure exactly what settings caused this.

But I also learned that the Speedo Fit app that I could coordinate the Misfit with to actually track workouts is an Apple App, and so isn’t currently available on my Kindle.

On the other hand, I have successfully coordinated MyFitnessPal with Misfit. The food I put into MyFitnessPal shows up as meals on Misfit with calories (not foods), and the workouts on Misfit get put into MyFitnessPal with how many additional calories I am allowed to consume to meet my goals. Of course, the meals show up on Misfit with the timestamp I input them into MyFitnessPal. So if I pack my lunch for work in the morning, and enter it into MyFitnessPal, Misfit will tell me I had lunch at 6 a.m.

On the goals, my swimming is up to 10,050 yards, my biking is up to 358 miles, and I completed my 7th 5K on Sunday, with an average speed of 6.39 mph.

That run was done Sunday on a somewhat windy afternoon. I started running off feeling a little fast, and then started gasping on the first incline, and wondered if I was really overdoing it. Yet I ended up with my best average speed again.  I don’t expect all my runs to get faster than the last, but based on current trends, I am hopeful that I will experience an overall improvement in my running. Hopefully that will show up in a good 5K speed when I compete in the Corporate Challenge, if there is a spot open for me this year.



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