Vulcan’s Kittens: Fast, fun read


That is, if you start reading it and can’t put it down.

Per her own explanation, the start of this book was in 2011, when Cedar Sanderson wrote the start of the story to her daughter at summer camp in short installments. That fall her daughter, who heard of National novel Writing Month, encouraged her to take the story and turned it into the book during NaNoWriMo.


Click on the picture to find a link to the book’s Amazon page.


The book itself is an excellent fantasy. Like the Percy Jackson books, it tells a tale of children of the gods of mythology. But this book has a very different twist. Taking place in rural places, it draws upon the author’s knowledge of the wilderness and survival.

The characterization is well done, the plot pacing engaging, the sort that you don’t want to put down until the end. The background information on the vacious gods, the info-dumps and plot expositions, happen seemlessly.Its a Young Adult book that a not-so-young-adult can enjoy without feeling you are reading down.

Now I’ll have to see about the rest of the series, after all, it is book 1 in the Children of myth.



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