A Blast of the Past #32: Third Birthday


And now a return to a series of posts that has been on hiatus for several months: reviewing the family photo archives for interesting observations of the past.

Today we arrive at my daughter’s 3rd birthday. By this stage between her and the cousins we had a pack of three kids with accompanying parents and grandparents.

The big gift of this birthday was the school bus. See the picture below:

Score Ought0193

(Curious thing is that I found the tattered remains of it in a closet this morning while looking for a trash bag to line the trash can. Still around after all these years.)

Score Ought0222This was before the years of specialized cakes. So the cake is a traditional, two-layered round cake.

Score Ought0196

But there was a lot more. A good stack of colorfully wrapped boxes and bags to open:

Score Ought0178Score Ought0180

There was a lot of excitement. Simple things and simple times are often the source of the most fun, and the sweetest memories.


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