Quick review of delivery


Okay, late in the day posting, but I finally have the evidence to comment.

I found out last week that I needed one more book to successfully write the paper for my class due this coming Monday. So I ordered the book on Saturday, with a 2-day delivery of Wednesday (Sunday was weekend and Monday a Holiday).

Wednesday they said it would be delivered by 8 p.m. that night, and when it wasn’t I called. The tracking seemed to show it had been shipped from one affiliated facility, but hadn’t been delivered by USPS. So I had them put tracking on it. Yet on Thursday it was being delivered from one Amazon Facility to another.  How could they expect it to get to me in two

How could they expect it to get to me in two days, if they hadn’t even gotten out of the Amazon system to USPS? The terms and their descriptions are unclear.

But this morning it said it was out for delivery, and it did arrive around 5 p.m. tonight. I only lost 2 days to get my paper done by their delay.

This reminds me of Christmas probably a decade ago when items we ordered for all family guaranteed to get there for Christmas didn’t arrive until after New Years. I avoided Amazon for most of the following decade until last year, when I ordered school books from them.

I had issues with other items ordered from them (affiliated partners) recently, and was pleased with the way they resolved swiftly. But this is the second time I’ve had delays on critical class text books, within their system, which is giving me a mixed sense of their performance. The bargains available will keep me using them, but I am mentally prepared for and expecting more dissatisfaction in other areas. I won’t be rating them as highly as I was for awhile.



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