It’s A Wonderful Life


Back in December I published a list of  Christmas movies, with the intent of reviewing some of them.  Well, based on the time of availability in getting them from the library, they are getting  more spread out that expected. So last night we watched It’s a Wonderful Life. It was the first time for the kids to see it, though they knew parts of it.

The construction of the movie is well woven. Items mentioned earlier, the foreshadowings, all get weaved into the classic “never been born” section.

There are several classic scenes.  The dancing on the gym floor and falling into the pool was well done, as was the romantic scene afterwards.

The line, “every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings” comes from here as well.

It is a very “common man” movie, where the common man is more than common, as all of us hope to be.

And of course the important scene happens at Christmas, which is what makes it a Christmas movie.


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