Fitness Update: The Triathlon workout day


When I posted last Monday about my fitness goals, I was still trying to get my Misfit Shine to work. Good news is: I got it to sync. So-so news is that the tech support was so-so. They kept reading from their script instead of listening to what I said. Sure, I did what they said and it worked, but I’d done it about a dozen times before and decided to give it one more try when it did work.

And they sent me the same link/instructions about installing the battery that I told them I had tried to follow unsuccessfully, and said it would work if I followed the instructions.

So I’m using the Shine and syncing and reading my results. The jury is still out on how it works for the swimming, since I haven’t had a chance to swim when I could sync the results after to see if it counted the laps.  So far I haven’t gotten detailed results like that.

But now to get to the topic of the subject line.  Last Thursday I got up early and biked to the community center to do my 1,000 yards of swimming then biked into work. At work I took part in a “Fitness Boot Camp” intensity interval weight class. Then I biked home. After I got home I ran a 5K. So all in one day I did all the parts of a triathlon: Swim, Bike and Run.

It was quite an intense day. Unlike a triathlon there was space between the segments, but the accumulation showed on the running of the 5K. And the temperature was a balmy 60 degrees to run the 5K.

I’m still getting use to the Misfit.  It told me I ran 4.7 miles on the 5K. Makes me wonder if I was taking too small steps while running — since it counts steps to  figure distance.


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