Of space and seasons


Today was the day. We took down all the inside Christmas decorations.

This year we decided (we meaning me — I’m the arranger and rearranger of all things furniture) that instead of upsetting the living room, we’d put up the Christmas tree in the dining room. That meant moving the dining room table to the play room. And the pantry cupboard into the library. Which left enough room to move the buffet into the dining room. Since we display our winter village scene on the buffet, that turned the dining room into a Christmas room.

Our dining room is actually the central nexus for the house. Every room: kitchen, bedroom, bath, living, library, play, branches off the dining room. It has never seemed big enough for dining and being the main right-of-way. But as the Christmas room, there was plenty of room to get through, and Christmas was at the heart of the house.

But today we took the Christmas stuff down, and turned it back into a living room. We left the pantry cupboard in the library, moved the buffet to where the pantry and tree had been, and reinstated the table. Previously the table had been extended, but now it is a simple round. Voila! the dining room has room.

When we bought the house in November 2003 we said it was our 30-year house. It was big enough and had everything we would need (with the assumption of a few upgrades over the year and a minor bit of remodelling). But in the last year or so parts of it have started to seem small.

Starting last summer, when I finished painting the living room, and moved all of our bookshelves into the office (which then became the library), we’ve been doing quite a bit of cleaning and rearranging. I included a total kitchen clean and rearrange with the Christmas shuffle, and we hit the play room hard to make it our temporary dining room. Another voila! More space.

It seems the house still has enough space for us after all — even with two teenaged “adults” in the mix with the other two adults. We just needed to use the space, instead of dump into the space.

And now that we have more space, we are using more space.

Once again, another proof that the concept of the spring cleaning had multiple good reasons for it. It makes us value the space we have, instead of questing for more that we don’t need.


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