Fitness goals updates/reflections


Last week I commented on my fitness goals and my first 5K run.  This week I took

This week I took my second 5K on Friday afternoon. Knowing the temperature drop for Saturday, I chose to get the run in on Friday. I was prepared for the same sort of afterwards soreness lasting a few days, but this time no soreness afterwards. Since I’m not generally a runner, I don’t know how those things go, but running two weeks in a row, just once a week,  seems almost too easy a pattern to get rid of the soreness.

I also received the Misfit Shine(tm) fitness tracker I ordered. I found it on the Speedo website, and ordered it to see if it could help me track my swimming efforts.

But when it arrived we couldn’t get it open to install the battery. It had a neat set of simple instructions. Everyone in the house tried to do it, using the instructions and the special tool, but it wouldn’t work.  We finally took it to a store that installs watch batteries to get it open and installed.

So now I am trying to figure out how to use it. It has a section that can tag various activities, such as the swimming I want it for. I used it Sunday to track cycling as well. It tracked my sleep cycle on Saturday night. I was surprised that of the 8:37 hours of sleep it tracked for me, 4:08 was deep sleep. I don’t usually feel that I sleep that deeply or long in a night. It will be interesting to see how well my sleep goes the rest of the week. I expect the nights to get shorter.

I’ll also be curious to see how many steps it says I take during a regular day in the office, and how it tracks my cycling commute.

So my assessment of the Shine is curious but not yet fully satisfied. Presumably more reports to come later.


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