Running is different than biking…


Or swimming…

On Friday I listed some of my goals for the year. One of the fitness goals was to run 52 5k’s this year — not competitions, but all runs — workouts and competitions. Since I only have done two in a year before, that is quite again.

Well, on Saturday I decided to get the first one in. Temperature in the upper 30s. Didn’t do great, but got it in.

One of the things I’ve learned from bicycling is that climate makes a lot of difference in performance. So I think I did fairly well considering the chill. Could have pushed myself harder, but pushing wasn’t the objective. Completing was. Getting used to doing it as a habit.

The one thing I didn’t expect was the soreness. Not extreme, but I was still feeling it on Monday as I wrote this. Running and biking use the legs, but differently. That is one of the benefits of doing both: Each strengthens something the other doesn’t and improves the performance of the other.

But it also means that while my bicycling doesn’t give me sore muscles, the running did. I’m not sure if running regularly, but only weekly, will make that any better, or if it will be a weekly soreness cycle.  I certainly hope for the former.

But so far I’m on track with my goals — a whole 5 days into the year!


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