New Year’s Goals (not resolutions)


Wednesday night I completed my bicycle goal for 2015: 2,400 miles in the year, an average of 200 per month. Hot or cold, didn’t matter, I got my bicycle miles in. My average speed was 12.25 mph, so my total hours biked was less than 200 — 196 hours.

But that, and the trends and talk about New Year’s Resolutions got me to thinking. I said in past years that I don’t do resolutions. Back in 2014 I announced that, and said I w as going to concentrate on the process, to just put out a blog a day. Which I have done now for two years. Back in 2015 I announced that the theme would be focus. Not sure how much of that was achieved — probably more than not thinking about it at all.

So this year I’m concentrating on the theme of goals. Measurable things in measurable areas of my life.

The first area I’ll mention is fitness. I’ve already mentioned thy bicycle goal for 2015. For 2016 I’m setting a goal of 3,000 miles or an average of 250 per month. But I’m expanding my fitness goal into a triathlon goal. I want to set goals for running and swimming.

Swimming should be easy, but schedule has kept me from swimming as regularly as I want to. I usually manage to swim 1,000 yards in about 30 minutes of swimming. So I’ve decided to set a goal of 52,000 yards swum this year, or an average 1,000 a week. That should be easy, except for the time during the summer when we hit the water park instead of the pool, so I’ll want to get ahead of schedule before the summer.

Which leaves the running. I never practice running.  I’ve done last year’s triathlon and the two 5k’s I’ve done just by going out and doing the running with no practice, expecting my cardio-fitness and other activity to carry me. But not this year. I am setting a goal of running 52 5k’s practice or competition, during the year. Yeah, I’m going to run once a week.

There might be a few other fitness goals as I move along, but for now I’ll also focus on some non-fitness goals.

I haven’t been as consistent in Bible reading in recent years as I have in the past, so I’m going to start another reading plan to read through the Bible this year.

I have classes to take this year for my Master’s Degree program. I don’t have specific goals there, besides completing each course successfully.

Those are a few goals I have for the year. Making it a process, and using focus, applied through goals, is 2016. I’ll stop there, and try not to add too much more — too many goals will decrease the focus.


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