Rise of the Guardians


This is definitely a holiday film — not necessarily a Christmas movie.  Now, by holiday  film, I don’t mean the type of film to play just at the holiday season. No, this film is less seasonally themed and more holiday themed.

The film imagines North (Santa), Easter Bunny, Sand Man and the Tooth Fairy as guardians of children from the fear of Pitch (the Boogey Man). The Man in the Moon called each of them to be Guardians, and to meet the current challenge, commissions a new guardian — Jack Frost.

Each Guardian has a center. For North it is wonder, for the Easter Bunny Hope, for the Sand Man dreams, and the Tooth Fairy is memory.  But Jack doesn’t know his center, and his ambivalence about it, and being a Guardian drives the movie.

In our family we love all the Guardians, but the Sand Man — or Sandy, as he is known — is perhaps our favorite.  He doesn’t say anything, but his expressions tell us an awful lot. He goes down without fear, and when he miraculously reappears, he is as feisty as ever.

When Jack finally finds his center — fun — he uses it to defeat Pitch’s nightmares. He dethrones Pitch with mocking and irreverence. One of many insightful and magical moments in the movie.

It is an excellent insight into people who take themselves too seriously.One of many excellent insights in a movie that doesn’t pretend to have them, just to be a fun story.


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