Treble Choir


The Treble Choir sang three numbers:

  1. Sing Alleluia, Allelu — Mary Goetz
  2. The Christmas Star — K. Rhodes & Savigar// arr. Lojeski, soloists: Briana Ales, Jasmine Chandler, Abby Peterson, Coraline Brown & Amanda Lee
  3. Various Themes on “Fa-la-la” — C. Bridwell

As usual Treble Choir was one of the high points of the evening. Like A Capella choir they are an excellent example of the power of a capella music.

Their first song was a simple but harmonically potent song about singing Alleluia.

The Christmas Star gave a more rocking feel, and gave several girls solo times to shine. An apt pun, since the song is about the star shining, and the light of Christmas.

But the final piece was stunning. A bit a fun, a bit of satire, and a lot of energetic harmony on popular carols, put together in a stirring medley.


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