Rockin’ and Sweet Singin’


The Women’s Chorus did three songs:

  1. Mary, Mary — by M. Donnelly/G. Strid
  2. Sweet Singing in the Choir — Medly/ arr. E. Crocker
  3. All Alone Beneath the Mistletoe — J. Althouse

The first number pulled the audience into it as the chorus itself showed the energy and enthusiasm that the song deserves.

The second number does a medley around one of my Christmas favorites — the Holly and the Ivy. The arrangement was well done, and the chorus did well on their carrying of the long lines and running notes the songs include. There is a slight issue with tuning on some of the runs, nothing that really seems flat, but the song counts on exact tuning for some of the magical overtones that really make the song, and thus are lacking. Still, nicely done, and I hope the singers continue to sing more through the years

The final number has a 50s feel to it, and the girls deliver this very well.

Overall these girls deliver their music very well, and were appreciated for realizing music is more than just notes.

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