Walking in the Air


The Freshman Choir sang three songs at Thursday’s concert:

  1. Ding Dong — French carol arranged by G. Poore
  2. In December — by J. Althouse
  3. Walking in the Air — H. Blake

The song Ding Dong is an arrangement of Ding Dong Merrily on High. It starts with a very nice ding dong pealing before getting into the original carol.

The Freshman did a nice job of the pealing bells, and the long gloria runs, though they did tend to the perennial curse of the descending line — tending to go a bit flat.

In December was a nice flowing song, and the soloists did nicely, though they could have used a little more practice with the mikes. They weren’t as balanced with each other as they could have been. Soloists were Sophia Mesa, Ramez Alshalabi, Moises Hernandez, William Brown and Ally Underhill.

And then there was Walking in the Air. It was actually a solo by Natasha Gray. A very bold move, calling for a smooth and bold singer with smooth tones. Fortunately Natasha fit the bill.


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