An (a capella) White Christmas


And now, back to more high school music video. No, not High School Musical, but North Kansas City High School vocal concert. Here is the 2015 Winter Concert series.

My first post is of the A Capella Choir. They performed two songs:

  1. Personent by V. Sigh
  2. White Christmas by I. Berlin and R. Ringwald

The first is a very ancient Christmas carol. As you listen below, note how the choir is well suited to the sound of the piece: round tones, resounding chords, reverberations.

The second is a very popular and familiar American song. Unlike the first, that centers around the Christ child, White Christmas centers on the culture of the holiday, the idyllic wintertime.

This arrangement is the same one used by Carolers of Note during our  season, but we do it fully a capella. Hearing it done accompanied with transitional accompaniment was a different sound to my ear, but I still recognized the arrangement.

The A Capella Choir evoked two different sections of the Christmas tradition, from two separate time periods, equally well, to open the program for us.



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