A Google Fiber Birthday/Christmas



Friday was the 50th anniversary of Betsy’s birth, so we filled the day with festivities, many of the free, to celebrate together.

The day began with dropping the daughter off for the work shift at TJ Maxx, followed by a walking tour of Sam’s Club in Liberty. Being business members, we get in early, and took advantage of it to grab some of the juice and pastries they have out free at the entrance for business members. Breakfast free, especially since we didn’t purchase anything at Sam’s Club today.

Next we went down to the Kansas City Fiber Space, Westport Road and State Line Road, where they were taking free pictures of people inside their Fiber Snow Globe. You got to choose your props to be shot with inside the snow globe. They shot four photos — the first one they printed and put inside a cardboard frame for you, and then all four were put together into a GIF slideshow, like the one you see above. They sent the GIF to your e-mail or texted to your phone.

We had ours e-mailed to us, but it didn’t arrive, so we came back down later in the day, where they pulled it up and texted the link to us, so we could get the pictures you see.

They also had free marshmallow stick smores (a marshmallow on a stick dipped in chocolate and then rolled in graham cracker crumbs). I missed picking one up the first time, but Betsy got one both time we were there.


Between our two visits with them we went to Cinzetti’s Italian Exhibition Buffet, on Metcalf in Overland Park, for her birthday lunch(dinner). That wasn’t free.  It was, however, very filling. The midday weekday price also made it more economical. As usual it was a sampler platter meal around the exhibition kitchen, and still not enough room to sample it all. Though of course there is always space to have some of their excellent bread pudding with vanilla sauce from the dessert bar.

After our second visit to the Fiber Space to get our pictures, we headed to the Olathe Christmas Tree Lighting. My singing group, Carolers of Note, was hired to sing during the celebrations leading up to the lighting. Betsy came along  to listen to us and enjoy the festivities.

We started by caroling to the people waiting in line to get in, then we roamed the various activities: the goat ride, the santa line, and then sang to the people eating in the party rooms — almost a mini concert there. From there we roamed to the tree, where we sang to the guests as they gathered. When the lighting started we headed to the entrance to carol to the food rucks and the Google Fiber people who were offering people hot chocolate.

We finished our gig by having some of the hot chocolate. It was a neat taste, different that regular hot chocolate. Their cook added something special. I’m not sure if it was true, but someone overheard that the cook got the spices from Spain.

And so the day sort of began, and ended, with Google Fiber.


I mentioned to Betsy during the day that when we bought our Saturn in ’98 it was mostly because we believed in the car itself, but a little bit because we liked being a part of the something special that Saturn was at that time, a sort of a community with an ideal.

Google Fiber is somewhat similar. It has a good product, maybe not that much better than the competition, but it has an idea, and ideal, and a sense of community about it that we like. And we had fun with them today.


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