Thanksgiving Music #4


Unlike the rest of the videos in my Thanksgiving music series, this video is one complete whole, not a compilation of several other shorter videos. This is an actualy broadcast put together in 2011 by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This is a very homey yet high church presentation of music from several centuries of the church’s musica tradition.

This program talks about a gift of gratitude. A story in here talks about being thankful makes us giving people. What I would like to add is that one cannot be thankful for something without being thankful to someone. Many people today are vaguely thankful, but don’t experience the true sense of thankfulness, which opens the well of giving, because they avoid thinking about who they are thankful to.

My wish for you, this Thanksgiving season, is that you think not just about what you are thankful for, but who ou are thankful to. It could truly change your life (scary, I know, but well worth the risk).


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