Thanksgiving music #2


This video compilation starts with a song that evokes a positive association for me.

It is sung by George Beverly Shea. Long known for his association with the Billy Graham Crusades, I had the privilege, as part of the Houghton College Choir, to sing with Shea when he was the featured guest at the Founders’ Day Chapel in 1987. Our director, Dr. Yost, wrote an excellent arrangement of Shea’s I’d Rather Have Jesus that we sang as backup to Shea, and which Shea complimented highly.

The rest of the compilation has a mix of very traditional religious material, and more seasonal-mentioning fare, even some with a humorous moment or two.

#11, the It’s Thanksgiving song is an example of one of those “seasonal songs” that really misses telling us anything about the holiday’s importance itself by concentrating too much on the holiday, and really misses the point.

Which is why the next selection, Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Speech, is such an important counterpoint. Putting it in between two totally seasonal songs just makes it stand out. #13 the Turkey song is so unnecessary and confusing.



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