The missing holiday season


(Note: No, I don’t intend to make a habit of posting late in the day. I am much more relaxed when I have my posts ready to go first thing in the morning. If somebody would just discuss things with life … it seems the moment I think I have space where my brain can actually think again, for a couple of days, it decides to throw another set of projects my way )

The American world seems to go straight from Halloween to Christmas. The little observance of Thanksgiving gets stuck in the middle. Since there isn’t any big retail portion associated with Thanksgiving, it tends to get overlooked and squeezed mostly out. There is a Halloween season leading up to Halloween, and a Christmas season leading up to Christmas, but no Thanksgiving season.

A similar thing could be said for music. There is Halloween music, and there are Christmas music and Christmas carols, but no one really thinks about there being any specific Thanksgiving music.

But that is where they are wrong. Actually there is quite a lot of Thanksgiving music. Oh, there are a few songs about Thanksgiving the holiday, not many, and that isn’t what I am talking about, anyway. No, there is a LOT of Thanksgiving music. We just don’t recognize it for two reasons: 1) We aren’t observant Christians and so don’t go to the places where it is sung to recognize it, or 2) We are observant Christans but don’t observe that we sing Thanksgiving music on a very regular basis as part of our worship.

Well, I’ve decided to feature some of that music. Next week I’m going to have a short series of video posts feature Thanksgiving. Part of it is to give me a quick way of putting up posts during the Thanksgiving week, but more of it is to make people aware of the music of Thanskgiving that we sing on a regular basis.

So please follow the links, enjoy the music, and comment about what you liked or didn’t about the selections offered.


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