Veterans and Books


Today seems a perfect day to tout the Avondale United Methodist Book Club’s latest book discussion. On Saturday, Nove. 14, 2015 at 10 a.m. in the church library, we will be discussing the book When Books Went to War about the efforts to give American service personnel reading material during World War II.

I have been taking classes from Gonzaga University, online, and one of the interesting features of my most recent classes was the number of current and former military personnel that were involved in the classes. Far from the caricature of military people taking the job because they couldn’t find anything else, this is one part of the evidence that military personnel are often some of the best educated people in our country.

The book I mentioned at the beginning of the post is evidence that this was true back during World War II, and I would wager before that as well.

I will end this brief post with a quote from an Army Basic Field manual:

In all phases of administration, training, and operation, make every effort to keep your men informed. Nothing irritates American soldiers so much as to be left in the dark regarding the reason for things.

P.S. — For another good column about Veterans Day and veterans, follow this link to a post by Cedar Sanderson at Mad Genius Club.


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