Theme Music


The kids this morning were watching The Friendship Games and we were listening to the song the Shadowbolts and Principal Abacus Cinch were singing to Twilight Sparkle before the third round of the games. I was listening from the kitchen, and then walked into the living room and said:

“Just listen to that music. Don’t they realize they are on the wrong side, just by the music they are singing? It’s the wrong theme.

“If only life had theme music for us when we were doing something, so we’d know if what we were doing was right or not.”

Earlier in the week the kids had been watching Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie and listened to a special feature on how they had dialogue, score, and sound effects. How the score adds the emotional layer to what you are watching.

We like to have those cues in our lives; but life seldom provides them. So we provide them to ourselves; we try to make sense of our lives, make them like a stories. It is how we make sense of things.

But everything doesn’t always chain together so easily in stories. It is one of the reasons we have trouble understanding life so often — the discontinuity in the stories we create.

But back to the original idea: Theme Music. We can create and select themes, and theme music for our lives. What we select is important: it sets the tone for how we live and think and breathe and act.

Back in my high school days there was a big thing about the dangers of rock music. I recall having a speaker come into my private Christian school to talk to us about the same.

The idea to beware of the influence of music was right, perhaps where it focused wasn’t. We need to be aware of the themes we listen to, and the themes we create. They provide motivation and direction, shadowing and lighting, to our lives. Our music choices shouldn’t be haphazard.

Music isn’t merely a matter of taste — though taste is involved. It is both preference and theme. So choose your themes wisely.


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