Too Short a Season/The Summer of our dining contentment


Well yesterday was the last day. The 2015 season of Worlds of Fun came to a close. With it came the end to a season of amusement park fun, and the end of our season dining plan.

Durning the season the four of us ate a combined total of 674 meals, at a retail value of roughly $7,399.71 which cost us only $322.00 — approximately $0.48 per meal.And there was always plenty of food: we never went hungry.

One would think the park might go broke with such a deal, but they are offering the same plane for $90 per person, or $360 for the family for the 2016 year.

So we have committed to another year, another round of “greasy fatty” park food — to which we ate well, felt great, and lost weight. Dining at the park is a good exercise program. You get a lot of walking in, a lot of steps to burn off the calories.

This weekend the park offered special “thank you” meals to the season passholders. So besides getting our meal plan meals on Saturday and Sunday, we also took part in the thank you meal — hot dogs, chips, cookies and soda. Once again, not sure how the park makes money on this, but glad to participate if they offer it.

It is amazing the culture we live in. the bounty it is able to create, available to the average person so easily. How is it possible ot provide so much for so little and make money at it?

Just another example of the rising tide that is lifting most boats — the boats that want to be lifted.


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