Halloween Haunt and the Dining Plan


So, Worlds of Fun is into Halloween Haunt. When I was up on the Steel Hawk last night, I could see all the theatrical fog and smoke penetrating the park. Some places it seemed almost overwhelming.

We are still going, though they are open only on weekends until Nov. 1, because the dining plan is still in force. We’ve eaten 647 meals, at an average price of about $0.50 cents per meal, based on what we paid for the plans. The total retail price is at $7,071.89 with this weekend and next to go.

When we purchased the plans in the fall of 2014, they were $80.50 a piece. This spring they were $96.00 wen the parks opened. By May they were selling at $108.00.

So I expected a higher price when we renewed this fall. But the price is $90.00 a piece.To make it ever better, they have a season drink bottle for $25 with free refills all season long.  That compares to $10.99 souvenir bottles this years with free refills the day of purchase and $0.99 cent refills the rest of the season. So next year besides being stuffed with park foods, we will also be floating on soda.


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