The Harmonaires is more of a stage dance presentation sometimes than a well-rehearsed music group. It isn’t easy to sing well while doing all those dance moves. That said, they sung a whole lot better in the numbers where they weren’t dancing.

They started with a James Brown Medley, arranged by Jan Ward

  • I Feel Good
  • Devil with a Blue Dress — Soloist Brandon Day
  • Get up off of that Thing
  • Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag — Soloist Jordan Hurst
  • Good Golly Miss Molly
  • Shake a Tailfeather — Soloist Stephanie McCormack

Then they sang:

  • Let’s Groove by M. White and W. Vaughn, arranged by Jan Ward
  • No Day But Today by Jonathan Larson, arranged by M. Brymer
  • Summer Nights by .W. Casey and J. Jacobs, arranged by M. Brymer, with soloists Jake Reynolds and Arionna Spletstoser
  • Shut up and Dance arranged by Andy Beck, with soloists Rainbow Htoo and Aleecia Roberson
  • Every Day I’ve Got to Sing Some by George Ratzlaff

(Instrumentalists were Cooper Harmon on Drums and Braxton Medelinn on Keyboard)

This is memory, but I think the Harmonaires had different outfits this year than last. The ladies’ dresses seemed more flattering than I recalled in past years, but the men’s outfits seemed somewhat baggy and bunching on some of them.

I specifically noted the men’s outfit on the shortest of the men. He was the one that really had his moves most fluid. Dancers, especially men, usually make the most of height, but even with his being short, I feel he could stand out as a real solo or featured dancer, if they took care to tailor his clothes to flatter the right parts of his proportions, instead of bunching the way they did. If his height stays in similar proportions to other men, I recommend he pay close attention to his clothing to make his mark in performing.


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