Men’s Chorus


Benjamin Britten was a noted choral composer when I was in College back in the 80s, and his works are still noted staples today. The Men’s Chorus began by doing his The Salley Gardens.You can hear the men singing nice lines to this gentle love song, though you can also sense the tentativeness of some of the voices-in-transition as they come to the upper notes of some of the lines. I’m always sensitive to that phase when the male voice changes, and how it impacts the choral performance. These men handled it well and gave us a tender song.

Their second song was Tell My Father by Frank Wildhorn, arranged by Andrea Ramsey. Soloists were Noah Montes and Seran Brown, with violinist Vinh Em. This was another song that required a sensitive touch, but it also had a little more robust energy that helped the men get through the sections of the songs that touched the tentative sections of their vocal ranges with more ease. Its theme was also more compelling and poignant.

The soloists were good, though their youth meant that the first soloist’s voice was very straight toned, so it tended to feel slighty flat. A little more vibrato would have lifted the voice and given it more life. (As a straight-toned tenor for many years I know how long that can take to develop.)

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