Freshmen Choir


Continuing the series of videos on the North Kansas City High School Fall Choir concert, we come to the two songs by the Freshmen Choir.

The first song was Requiem by Eliza Gilkyson, arranged by Craig H. Johnson. I didn’t hear clearly what the song was written about, but it was in memory of people taken by one of the recent tsunami’s or storms, which you can get a sense of from some of the lyrics. The mixed choir of freshmen did a satisfying job of carrying off such a sometimes subdued yet musically and emotionally sustained piece. It was impressive enough to draw a subdued silence at the end — except for one young kid who said “wow” (or some such exclamation). Watch to the end to see this magical “Hornet” moment.

The second song was Joy in the Morning by Natalie Sleeth. This was a resounding song that left itself as an earworm afterwards, so unless you want this spiritual (or whatever style it is supposed to be) in your ear, don’t listen.


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