Ed Snowden: an ethical analysis — where would you start?


This is going to be one of those link type posts, but with a thought. If you follow these, you are really going to commit some time to this.

Ed Snowden. June 2013. His revelations still ripple now. How do you view what he did? Hero or Traitor? Both?Below is the link to the TED talk he gave:

Following is the link to the TED talk rebuttal by the NSA. Don’t let the fact that the NSA’s tech quality was worse than Snowden’s, don’t let it make you skeptical of them. I know it made me question at the beginning.

I need to discuss one or the other of these for my Master’s Class, Have to put something up by Wednesday. But I’ll be spending all of tonight just reading all of the “ethical pespective” article, and won’t even get to wirting my pepective until Wednesday. Never stay ahead in this class.


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