Labor Day on the Rip Cord


I’ve been holding onto this video for four weeks, looking for enough time to edit it. This is footage of the second annual father-son riding of the Rip Cord at Worlds of Fun.

Well, I intended to make it annual, but I think the first time was actually two years ago.

The video isn’t edited together as well as I would have liked. I edited all the clips down in the original program from the camera, and then exported them to WMV so I could edit them in Windows Live Movie Maker. But Movie Maker couldn’t read the WMV files. I’m not sure why. This was the first time I’ve tried it since switching to Windows 10, so I’m tentatively blaming that as the cause.

So I went back to the program provided by the camera, had it merge all the clips and then exported to WMV. I couldn’t put in transitions, or titles, etc., but at least you get a sense of flow.

We had our amateur family photographer, and no stand, so it is more jerky than I prefer as well.

There is a lot of footage of the preparation and post-flight stages. You can see how much technical work goes into the safety of the flight.

Listening to the footage I was amazed at the various audio zones that were picked up. I heard music from the Steel Hawk, and several other neighboring attractions.

During the flight I also heard the amazed shouts of some child unrelated to us about how we were flying.

Then again, the whole thing is worth it, just to see the son mug the camera at the end, where he refused to answer the question about how the flight was. With the ability to deflect questions like that, I can see a career for him in politics. With the ability to make faces, he has a future on the stage.


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