Bicycle milestones


Yesterday I completed 1800 miles biked this year. That comes out to 200 miles per month.  That was the first time this year it has taken me to the last day of the month to reach the goal.

My average speed for those 1800 miles is just over 12 mph. The early months with the cold saw a lower average, but the warmer months have helped me bring it up. Walking the dog with the bicycle always brings it down: his average is between 6 and 9 mph.

Tuesday was an interesting day. I rode the bike into work 6 miles, averaging 14.9 mph. That is is .5 better than what I’d done the time before, which was itself a record. The way in is usually a bit slower than the way out. But when I finished the day, I was actually slower.  The wind was coming out of the north, and it was a windy day. Crossing the Heart of America Bridge, where I usually am able to run 25-28 mph, I could barely do 20. When you have to bike hard to go downhill you know you are facing a wind!

When riding the bike I see my performance on the same stretch vary a lot from day to day, and I keep trying to figure out which factors cause it. Tuesday I knew it was wind. But some days it seems to be temperature, or perhaps my own body is tired from what I did the day before, etc. Knowing which factor is the real contributor isn’t always easy, and thus not always easy to compensate for when trying to set records.

I hope to end the year with an average of at least 12 mph and at leas 2,400 miles (200 per month average). But I am headed into 3 months that could be colder, with possible snow and ice. I’ll need to plan ahead to make sure I get in the miles, and keep the speed up.


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