Gas Dropped


I’ve been watching prices slowly fall on gas at the local gas stations, and was thinking, “we’ll never see it go below two dollars.” Well, yesterday it was $1.99. I need to think things like that more often, I guess.

The boy was reading something about fast food yesterday, and future inflation, a burger costing $64,000.00 in the future, and I thought, “yes, well, we should be careful how we predict, we really don’t know which way things will be going.”

One of the problems is we always project in the direction we are going, but things don’t move in straight lines that way. There is the pendulum swing, but then again, it never swings over quite the same path it went over before. Similarity and difference. Everything is similar enough to be familiar, but different enough that we don’t really know what it is doing.

So beware those that forecast to surely — they are the ones most likely to be wrong. And look forward to the future — it is the promise that we all have.

And wasn’t that a real definite meditation!


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