A Blast of the Past #31: Daylight at Penguin Park


A few posts ago I did some night-time shots of Penguin

Park. Today’s post is Penguin Park in the daylight.

I haven’t been there in a long time, my kids are so far beyond this stage now, but I think the merry-go-round featured in some of these pictures is gone now. I know they have removed them from many parks because of “safety” issues. Which is too bad from the fun perspective. I remember having fun on those as a kid, and more recently watching my kids have a whole lot of on them.

There are pictures of the two cousins again in these, having a lot of fun together. Great to see how close they were then, and know they still see each other as family today, even as life takes each of them in different directions.

Score Ought0088 Score Ought0090 Score Ought0092 Score Ought0093 Score Ought0094 Score Ought0097 Score Ought0098 Score Ought0099


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