A Blast of the Past #30: My First Renaissance season


The same year my son was being born, I started singing with Madrigalia Bar Nonne at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

That first season was highly demanding. There was the music: learning 24 songs of polyphonic music. There was the costuming: I had to put together my own costume, which I did by actually picking up fabric and sewing most of it myself — with some able help from other group members (mostly Patrick). Then there was learning the lingo, the shtick and the interaction. I think that latter is still ongoing.

Score Ought0081

I don’t really remember wearing this costume, though looking at it in the pictures I do have memories of making it. Amazing to think that it was 17 seasons ago, and that I am still singing with many of these people, along with the many that have come and gone in our group over the years.

I also see that the family came out — at least we have pictures of Carly here. Nathan being just born, I am not sure if he came out. But if Betsy didn’t come out, who was watching Carly in these pictures? I couldn’t do it and sing at the same time — or did I?

Score Ought0074 Score Ought0075 Score Ought0076

Memory is such an interesting and capricious thing, as Sarah Hoyt showed when she posted these memories of growing up in Portugal.


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