Inn on Crescent Lake: Ideal Romantic Getaway



I had heard of the Inn on Crescent Lake for years. We had friends from years ago who had worked there in grounds and housekeeping between jobs in their lives. The way they described it, it sounded ideal. But we never had the time or money to try it out.

Until I started planning our 20th anniversary. The kids could finally take care of themselves, and when I checked the actual prices of the rooms, they were more than a Motel Six, but not much more than a Marriott. So I made the arrangements, and on the afternoon before our anniversary, whisked Betsy away to this secret destination, she knew not where.


The Inn on Crescent Lake is located a convenient 30 minutes from downtown Kansas City, MO, but I drove a 35-minute route over country roads to confuse the question of where we were going. Perhaps a little too confusing. The Google Maps instructions didn’t quite match up to what I was seeing, and we went by, and came back, before suddenly seeing the entry gate before us.

When Betsy saw the name, she asked if it was where our friends had worked, so she knew something about it now, from hearsay. But their description didn’t meet the elegant reality.

We rang the doorbell, and were ushered into the foyer by owner and hostess Beverly Bohnert. She and her husband Craig, who we met the next morning, are the Innkeepers of this wonderful retreat. If you want to know more about their story, you can read it on their website here. Beverly signed us in, and then gave us the grand tour before showing us to our room.


As detailed on their website, the Inn started as a home for a well-known doctor, and still retains the elegant items of that era. In their upkeep and restorations the Bohnerts have shown excellent taste. The place is elegant without being gaudy or ostentatious. The ground floor is roomy with a  lovely solarium where we had breakfast, a spacious parlor with complimentary refreshments and an elegant dining room.

After the downstairs tour, we were taken up the grand staircase to the second floor, where most of the rooms are located off a central atrium. One end of the atrium has this elegant reclining sofa (I don’t know the correct term), that I just had to have Betsy pose in later — you can see her in one of the pictures here.


But we didn’t stop on the second floor. Our room was one of the two suites on the third floor, and I think it was the best suite. Called the Ballroom, it is also the inn’s “official” honeymoon suite.

Just like everything else we saw, the room’s decor was perfectly chosen. There was the main bedroom (king bed with canopy), two deep window seat nooks, a small sitting room with minifridge, and an elegant bathroom with separate shower and two-person tub.

We took a few moments to settle in, unpack, admire the decor, and then headed down to take a romantic stroll along the promenade along the lake. You cross the land bridge between the two lakes to find the trail that leads around the shore, through the woods, and to the end destination: Kissing Point.


The weather was ideal for us. The trail had benches along the way where you could rest, relax, kiss and cuddle. Signs let you know where you were along the trail. We took many pictures of the wildlife. Flowers and butterflies were the chief things we saw, though we were told several fawns had made the Inn their home this year.

The only flaw we saw to the Inn was found on the trail. While we didn’t get lost, there was one place where the trail split and we thought, after going the wrong way, that there could have been a sign there pointing you to Kissing Point. But we found the point, and didn’t have any problems with the kissing, either.


The lake is also equipped with rowboat and paddle boats. We didn’t take the time to try either. The lakes had a beautiful green sheen this year, but no open water. In talking to the Bohnerts we learned that the rain this year had promoted the grown of Duck Weed, which gave the beautiful green surface to the water. They have plans to add two fountains to prevent the growth and add more beauty to the lakes.

Upon our return we changed into our swim attire to enjoy their pool. Like the rest of the Inn it was elegant but not ostentatious. The deep end is a full 8 feet deep, which is rare to find at most hotels. And the shallow end had a neat logo of the inn painted on the bottom of the pool. I tried to take a picture of it. You can see one here, but it really doesn’t do it justice.


After swimming we retired to our room to get dressed for dinner. They had a list of area restaurants we could choose from, and we chose the one they recommended the highest: The Ventana Gourmet Grill. I may write another review on the grill later. For now let’s just say the recommendation was spot on.

After dinner we returned to the room to relax and enjoy the evening. Each of the rooms is equipped with TV, CD players, and CDs that they have on hand. There is a library of CDs and DVDs downstairs to choose from, or you can bring your own. The music selections that they had in the room were a perfect blend of romantic options.

DSC06873 (1)

We had our choice of breakfast served on a tray in our room or in the Solarium. We chose the Solarium. Breakfast could be served between 9 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. We chose 9:30.

I am sure they have different options on their menu. The day we were there the menu was strawberry stuffed french toast with cantaloupe and bacon. We got our choice of juice and hot beverages. The french toast was excellent, served with a whole strawberry on top for garnish, the strawberry and cream cheese stuffing inside and a strawberry syrup to pour over it.


(They had asked checking in, and I think on the reservations, about any food allergies, dietary restrictions, etc., so I am pretty certain they have plans for most dietary needs.)

Our reservation was for a Tuesday night, since our anniversary was on Wednesday. And just like 20 years before on our honeymoon, the time of year (and in this case the time of week) ensured that we were there at a time when the crowds were down. I had actually managed to score a very unusual time when we were the only ones at the Inn that night, and had the entire place to ourselves.

I told Beverly that we enjoyed having our own private inn, but would probably have enjoyed a few other guests to talk to as well. She mentioned that, while some of the guests have engaged in conversation, or played some of the games together in the parlor, most of the people coming tended to stay to themselves, since as a romantic getaway they were focused on being a couple. I understood exactly what she meant, and could easily see the Inn entirely full (which it is on weekends), and yet still having that same sense of intimate privacy while you were there.


Betsy said, several times during our stay, that we need to come back and spend an entire week sometime “when we have the money.” I too could easily see staying a whole week, with or without weekend, just soaking in the atmosphere, and enjoying the companionship.

I have experience (though limited) with some five star resorts. On a five-star scale I would definitely give the Inn on Crescent Lake five stars.

With that we left, to enjoy the rest of the day touring Excelsior Springs, with a hope to come back sometime soon.



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